Monday, May 9, 2011

A Goodwill Redeems Itself

When a Goodwill opened in our community recently, I was thrilled.  There are several close by, but this one was really-really close.  However, I soon learned that the Goodwill in Dunwoody was *very* proud of it's furniture.  The prices were outrageous.

Week after week, I'd go in & see the same pieces still sitting there.  Some marked down, eventually, but a piece that would sell for $35 at another Goodwill would be marked $175 at this one.  Truly, I'm not exaggerating.

I even spoke with the manager a few times (yes, I'm a dork like that).  I told her that I'd love to buy from her store, but her prices were so ridiculous I wasn't even visiting that often.

Finally, months & months later, they got the message.  And I'm thrilled to say that I'm now a happy supporter of our local Goodwill!

They had these two pieces last time I went in (wait till I show you the solid oak, super-duper claw foot round table I got there, too!)…

After my chalk paint obsession lately, I went old-school on this one.  I primed & painted in color matched Heirloom White.

And it came out great.

Sometimes it's fun to go back to the basics!


  1. Love it. I just did a similar peice. Check mine out?

  2. That turned out great! My thrift store has increased their prices now I hardly ever go there! It got too frustrating to see junk at an outrageous price!! Happy Painting :)


  3. Kathie-It is a great looking piece! Our GW prices are awful here too! xxoo Diana

  4. love this piece! Our goodwills are so over priced and they NEVER have sales. No color of the day for us. :(
    great job!

  5. Love it! I'm so jealous of your find! It looks gorgeous!
    Our goodwill is a joke with furniture. If it's worth anything to fix up they want way to much. I would follow in your footsteps and talk to the manager but we are moving in a month, so I will just start all over again at our next place.

  6. Our Goodwills are also outrageous with their prices! I found a cute little resin owl there, about 6" tall, but with one eye missing. They were charging $10!!! I asked the manager if he would come down and he said "NO!" Weeks later, it was still there. Then the clincher is, if the stuff is there too long, they throw it in the compactor! They don't even have a sale. I don't get it. Your table is super cute! Great find and great work!