Thursday, November 3, 2011

a room for 3 boys

Towards the end of this past summer, Doug & I were chatting on a random Sunday morning as we drove home from church.  Out of nowhere, I mentioned to him that I needed to call some friends of ours… I knew they were in the process of moving, and also in the process of another adoption.  I told Doug surely they would need some furniture & perhaps I could do something for them.

That afternoon, the phone rang.  And it was… you guessed it… the friend I had been thinking about.  And what she had to say blew me away (a total God thing).  She said when they moved, her three boys would be sharing a room (leaving room for their daughter and the new family member, hopefully coming home soon).  Might I be able to find 3 matching twin headboards for her boys?

Wow… I almost didn't tell her about the conversation Doug & I had had that morning.  It was just too wild!  But I did tell her and we had a good laugh about it.

I was pretty sure we couldn't find 3 matching twin headboards.  But I was also pretty sure that Doug could build them :)  So we used this plan from Ana White and he whipped them right up!

He started with lumber from Home Depot and by that afternoon we had 3 of these:

I put a good coat of Dark Walnut stain on them next.  I love how rustic they look.

Then I started working on a dresser for the room.  This dresser had been sitting for ages and it was just perfect because it had (wouldn't you know it??) three sections of drawers.  Perfect for 3 little boys!



I stripped & sanded the top of the dresser, and stained it in Dark Walnut to match the beds.

And, drumroll please… the room all put together for three very special little boys…

We worked on these side tables/ night stands to match while we were together one day ~ sort of a painting party that I enjoyed so much I'd love to do it again with more friends!

I am so tickled with how it all turned out & so honored to have been a part of this room!

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  1. Love this, Kathie and Doug! I am definitely interested in a painting party :) -Abbie

  2. Simply wonderful. The headboards are fantastic and I love the dark stain on them! The blue furniture is so perfect for boys, yet very stylish! Great job. :)

  3. Love the color you chose for the dresser and nightstands! The headboards are fabulous!

  4. Love this! The furniture is great, but helping friends makes it all...exceptional.

  5. WOW you are a great friend Kathie! The room looks great!!

  6. How cute. I love the blue, I bet that room gets pretty wild sometimes!

  7. I am so thankful you have the talent and shared it!!!!

  8. WOW!!!! they turned out so amazing- everything did! what a lucky friend to have you!

  9. How nice of you to do this for her! And how great they turned out!