Saturday, August 17, 2013

A dresser for Cade

We've been doing a lot of furniture building lately and not so much painting, so this project was extra fun for me.  I love this family & they showed up in our driveway with this dresser in their trunk.  What a treat!  It is for their son's room and they were looking for a dark gray paint.

Painting with kittens in the house ~ not so easy.  This is the color I chose.  It stands out nicely on my hardwood floors, in the paw print, doesn't it?  Thankfully I was using Chalk Paint and it came right off the floors :)  I went with a mix of Paris Gray, French Linen and Graphite.  It was perfect.

Here is the before:

The 'after' in my kitchen...

And the real 'after' in his bedroom, looking adorable and styled perfectly by his mother.

Love it.  And more to share soon!
love kathie


  1. Yay!! We LOVE it in Cade's room and dropped off another piece for Kathie this morning. :)

  2. so cute! love the color and how it is set up with the artwork!