Saturday, December 31, 2011

Annie Sloan Giveaway ends TONIGHT


I cannot think of a better way to start the new year than as the winner of this huge Annie Sloan giveaway, courtesy of my friend Virginia!

I know the holidays have been nutty ~ I have neglected to publicize this as much as I could have, as we lost my grandmother right before Christmas.  She was 94 & lived a long & happy life, and she died in her sleep.  She was able to live independently in her apartment (in a retirement community) until she died, which gave her great joy.  What a blessing for her, to pass peacefully in her sleep!  

But the time is NOW to enter the giveaway… Right now we have EIGHTEEN entries on the blog.  Now, don't get me wrong, that is great for those 18 people ;)  But don't you want a chance to win also?

If so, just leave a comment here, or read below for your other opportunities to win!!

This giveaway is sponsored by Annie Sloan as well as all of her North American stockists, to not only spread holiday cheer but also to get the word out about the amazing tour coming up.  My friend Virginia, of PAINT (you may also know her from The Southern Institute of Faux Finishing) has offered A Few Good Pieces the opportunity to do the drawing for the PAINT winner!

How do you enter the drawing?  There are several ways…

*First, go visit Annie Sloan Unfolded and check out the 2012 US Tour information.  Perhaps Annie is coming to your town or an area near you?!  Learn more about what the tour has to offer ~ anyone who has ever used Annie Sloan products knows how fabulous they are… if you haven't jumped into the world of Annie Sloan yet, then this is the perfect time!

*Next, go check out Annie Sloan's blog, become a follower there & comment with "American Tour 2012"… who knows what you'll find on Annie's blog?

*Then, leave a comment here on my blog letting me know what you found over at Annie's place ~ I can't wait to hear what you discover!

*For even another entry, go to Virginia's blog PAINT & leave a comment there… and for one more entry 'like' PAINT on facebook (you'll be glad you did!).

PHEW ~ I'm worn out from the excitement already :)

Our drawing for A Few Good Pieces & PAINT will be on December 31 so enter now!!


December 2011

The Annie Sloan North American Tour
March 27 2012 Nashville Tennessee

Annie Sloan will be touring North American again next year for another hands-on workshop event. The tickets are limited and are sold per state so hurry
hurry and register if you hope to attend. One lucky will be meeting Annie in person and learning her techniques at this $350 workshop FREE !!!!!!!  


For all you do all year long this is your 
chance to do something for yourself.

  This beautiful gift box full of goodies is up for grabs.

1.  2 quarts of ASCP of your choice
2.  1 clear and 1 dark soft wax
3.  2  pour spout lids
4.  1 ultimate waxing brush
6.  1 pot of gilding wax

We know YOUR time is valuable so WE'VE made it easy. Visit our new almost together blog and leave a comment for ONE entry. Like us on facebook for TWO more entries. So QUICK and EASY just like Annie's hands on book full of fabulous step by step instruction.


The Annie Sloan North American Tour

March 27, 2012

East South Central Area, Nashville, Tennessee

There is more...... the winner of this gift box is automatically registered for anotherprize. The incredible opportunity to learn from Annie with a ticket for one of Annie's
8 workshops here in the USA worth $350.00 OR  $350.00 in ASCP.

    For more chances to win please visit 
                A FEW GOOD PIECES

The BIG winner will be announced onAnnie's blog January 10th 2012.
you better watch out

you better not cry 

you better not pout

i'm telling you why


is coming to town!



            happy new year to all

            and to all a good night.



Tuesday, December 20, 2011

a fine arts christmas

We are very blessed to have an incredible fine arts department at our school.  I hosted our faculty for our annual appreciation luncheon just recently and couldn't help snapping some pictures of this fabulous space while I was there.

The luncheon set-up wasn't fancy, especially since we were dealing with folding chairs and tables (and the wrong size tablecloths!  I thought the tables would be rectangular, so I cut the tablecloths into 2 & it still didn't quite cover).

But I'm going to be brave & share here, even though it was far from perfect :)

Our catering staff at school handled all of the food ~ thank goodness!

This tree is decorated with Christmas cards ~ all of the cards feature original Christmas artwork done by the students.

Now on to the fun parts of the building!  You never know what you're going to find in here, and I love that.  See the circus below?

The tree in the lobby of the fine arts building is always stunning, with lots of bold color & handmade paper decorations.

A view from the lobby looking up.

This cross can be seen from the front doors.  I love this piece.

More student sculpture...

And now for my very-favorite piece of art on campus… the stairwell art in the fine arts building.  Can you tell what its made of?  Look closely.  It is stunning from a distance!

Paint sample cards!!  Genius!

I'll wrap up this post by sharing something I'm grateful for ~ my husband's boss sent me these flowers, thanking me for my support of him in his job.  Is that the sweetest?!

Merry Christmas!