Tuesday, January 25, 2011

catching up!

Hi friends!!

It has been way too long since I've spent time here at A Few Good Pieces!  If you know me in 'real' life, you know why… because I am STILL in a cast.

I've graduated from the over-the-elbow-torture-contraption to a slightly less restrictive fiberglass cast that extends through my thumb/forefinger to my elbow.  The good news is that I got my elbow back!  It is amazing what you can do with an elbow!!

Here is my lovely new cast :)

The bad news is that the break isn't healing properly.  The orthopedist said "sometimes these things happen".  Hmmmm.  So I'm in a holding pattern for about two more weeks.  At my next check-up & xray, if the break isn't healed, I'll be heading for surgery to have a plate put in my arm.

This has been a humbling experience, friends.  For the first few weeks, there were very few things I could do myself.  As the pain subsided I was able to do more, but even today I'm fairly dependent on my friends & family to help me out.  For example, I can't open a pill bottle (at all) or turn a doorknob with my right hand.  I have to start the car & shift the gear with my left hand.  I can't pick up anything even remotely heavy, since my left hand (although stronger now than it was!) just isn't as strong as my right.  It is mostly silly stuff, really, so I am especially grateful for the huge blessing all of my angel/helpers have been to me!!

I haven't been totally lazy on my hiatus.  When we had our epic snowstorm & the kids were out of school for a week here in Atlanta (bliss!) I got a little stir crazy and started sewing paper garlands.   Valentine's paper garlands.  You know, only about 80 feet or so of them :)  They're adorable & I was handing them out to our teachers at school, friends at church and anyone else unlucky enough to run into me in the next few days!

I (or rather, my sister & the kids!) used my paper punch to cut out the circles of valentines-ish paper and then stitched them together with a zigzag stitch.  Super cute & super easy!

A few snowstorm pictures, just for fun…

Next up, I had a request to make a sign for my children's school for the 'lost & found' area.  So I made this… it is about 2' long & 5' wide.  Our school has a woodsy feel & it looks great (I'll have to take a picture of it hanging!)  And in case you're wondering, that is my iron cord.  When your arm is broken, you don't worry about things like staging pictures.

I used navy fleece for the background & fabric (with heat n bond) for the letters that I cut with my cricut.  So fun to be creative in some way!!

I've also put in tons of hours with my friends Kirsten & Juliette working on my younger child's class project for our school auction.  It is a birdhouse condo set up, and it turned out to be quite adorable if I do say so myself!

These aren't the best pictures of it, but we were working in the laundry room due to the snow outside!  The kids worked so hard & did every bit of work except for the trim on the roof lines.  They painted the roof tiles, painted the homes, painted & smashed the tiles for the base, did the bottlecap art for the flowers, cut the tin leaves for their flowers, and designed their butterflies & dragonflies!!  It was a LOT of work & we probably wore out our welcome in the classroom, but it was FUN & I am so tickled with the final product!

Why are the pictures so crummy, you ask?  Because my DSLR doesn't have a live-view (I have to use the view finder) and I cannot get the camera close enough to my face to use the view finder… even with the short cast!  Big bummer.

Remember this guy?  He was about 7 ounces when we adopted him…

Check him out now, he's over 3lbs!  And our big fat calico cat is the best mommy to him ~ he is one lucky kitten.

I think that's all I've got, folks!  I'll be back sooner rather than later, as I should know if I need surgery the week of feb. 7.  Even if I recover without the plate, the orthopedist said it will be March before I can get back to my furniture :(  With surgery it might be April or maybe even early May.  SO sad.

So, this might turn into a craft blog in the meantime… we shall see.

Silver lining = we got the garage cleaned out!  {Sharon, I thought of you getting your garage cleaned out!! You inspired me!} All of my furniture that is waiting to be transformed is sitting neatly in the basement now, and we have two cars in our garage for the first time in over a year.

A MILLION thanks to those of you who have reached out to me, checked on me, etc.  It means the world to me.  Typing is still tedious (I've been working on this post on & off for a few days!) so my responses haven't been lengthy, but please know how much I appreciate you & your friendships!

love kathie


  1. so glad you are still out there! i have been thinking about you! :) glad to hear from you- and that garland is sooo cute!

  2. So great to hear from you, Kathie! I've been thinking about you and missing all your fabulous projects. I was at a Goodwill on Friday and saw a stereo cabinet that reminded me of you. No, I didn't buy it. I am not as brave as you. Sounds like you've been keeping busy, but I'm sure you are anxious to have a paintbrush in your hands again. Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later. I will be praying for no surgery! I love the birdhouse condo and the paper garlands. And congrats on getting the garage cleaned out. I knew you could do it! And you know, spring is right around the corner, so you can just fill it up again with wonderful new finds! I'll be thinking good thoughts for you and looking forward to hearing from you soon! Hugs to you!!!

  3. Kathie- I am so glad that you are around and about a bit. How miserable. And how awful that they may have to do surgery at this stage of the game. God bless ya!

    I love your little paper chains..and I cannot BELIEVE that birdhouse condo. Wow! I hope you get some really big bucks for that baby. That is just darling.

    And last, but certainly not least, aren't you tired of that kitten by now? Surely that baby would like to come North a bit to a place where there is a fire in the fireplace even in the summer sometimes because it is so danged cold. Just an offer...cuz I can tell you don't like him all that much...nor does Mama Calico.

    Have a wonderful night and I am hoping your arm is healing properly and that you don't need surgery! Hugs- Diana

  4. Hope your arm get better super soon and you don't need surgery! Your kitties are too cute too by the way!

  5. Oh you poor thing! I've disclocated my right shoulder (dominant arm of course) FOUR times! So I know how much dignity you lose at the beginning :( Good luck with the surgery and I hope you're on a quick road to recovery.
    I love the "snow fun" photos too by the way. I've never seen snow before and I would love to know how it feels. Looks like fun!
    Megs :)

  6. I am so sorry to hear your arm might not be healing right! It looks like you have been making the best of things though! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. You are a sweetheart and I hope you don't have to have surgery. I am glad you have such a nice family and good friends to depend on. I can see you are the type of person who counts her blessings always!