Tuesday, July 23, 2013

An Ana White Table for My Sister

My sister moved recently and was in need of a dining room table.  We looked & looked but couldn't find anything we loved that also had a price tag that we loved.  So I found a great plan on Ana White's website & we begged my husband to build it for her.

If you like to build things, and you haven't been to her site, please take a moment and do that.  Right now.  Ana is a genius ~ she finds pieces that people love and she makes simple, easy to follow plans for them.  There are cut lists, shopping lists and step by step plans.  And they are free.  Something else that I love about her site is the 'brag' posts that people can add.  Once you've completed a project, she encourages people to add pictures & notes.  So if someone made the project with different dimensions or changed it up a bit, you can read about that too.  Its just an amazing resource.

The plan for this specific table, the fancy X farmhouse table, is here.

So, Doug built the table.  I didn't get many pictures of the table in progress (I was upstairs painting at the time) but here it is, unfinished.

I stained it with a dark walnut gel stain and then sanded the top pretty heavily after the first coat of poly.  That gave it the great rustic look I was going for, but the subsequent coats of poly will protect it.  Here she is, decorated for a baby shower my sister was hosting…

I just love it.  And we've already had someone place an order for one!  Building from scratch means no 'oohs & aahs' of a before & after, but it is so satisfying to complete a project like this.

In other news, we have six new foster kittens!  They are ridiculously adorable.  See for yourself.

Hope you're all having a great day!  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. GREAT table, Kathie. You both did really good jobs..building and finishing. LOOK at those sweet babies. I don't know if I could bear to foster them and then give them up. xo Diana

  2. it's gorgeous!!!! the finish and shape!

  3. Oh I love the rustic feel of that table! And so beautifully decorated for the shower! How awesome to make a piece of furniture from scratch!

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