Tuesday, September 17, 2013

funky vintage sideboard

You might all remember me mentioning my fabulous neighbor who loves to go "picking" for me.  Well, she did it again with this piece.  She found it at the Last Chance thrift store in Chamblee.  The drawers all work perfectly and I just love it.


Although the hardware is unique, it wasn't what I wanted.  So I filled the holes, went with something new and gave the old pieces to my dad, who will use them on his rustic wood crosses that he makes.  {I should post about those some time!}

I used Annie Sloan's old white, but I did use a spray primer first.  I think it might have taken me three years to paint this piece by hand with all of the nooks & crannies, if I hadn't used a primer first.

We also added feet to give the piece some height.  It was a little low for me.


On a completely unrelated note, did anyone else see this in Traditional Home magazine this month?  I love these planters, but almost fell over at the price tag ~ they're in the Sundance catalog at $148 for the set of 3.  Eek!

Hope you're all having a great day!


  1. Wow, you really gave this piece a whole new look! From chunky and outdated to fresh and pretty! Love the addition of the feet! ... Cute baskets, but definitely out of my price range! A painted bushel basket would give you a similar look for next to nothing!

  2. My parents' bedroom dresser looked exactly like this. I moved it out here with me to CA and eventually had it hauled off by a donation company because it was so big and heavy. I am SO wishing I had kept it and done this to it! You have such an amazing vision, Kathie!

  3. love the dresser's new feet! so perfect!

  4. What an amazing piece of furniture!! And what you did with it is even more magical! I think adding the legs took it to an whole other level! Its totally different. Offcourse, the paint did the job to:)
    I love chalkpaint, allthough I have never tried ASCP. I make my own. I have refurbished several furnitures with chalkpaint the past few months, and I love how easy it is.
    Would love for you to stop by my new blog sometime. Its called http://frugalfurbishing.blogspot.no/
    Looking forward to following you and reading about all youre beautyfull work:) Its a great inspiration:)

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