Wednesday, October 27, 2010

coffee table & your opinion, please

Voila!  My new coffee table!  And, in the interest of 'keeping it real' it already has crumbs on & around it :)  So there.

I found this pedestal table base (with original casters) at the Last Chance Thrift Store in Chamblee for a whopping $2.99.  Although no one else seemed to be giving it a second glance, I snatched it up & carried it around the store with me.

I primed it & painted it with Heirloom White (the spray).  Already loving all the details.

Then I used Valspar's antiquing glaze all over it, and added a round table top that has been waiting patiently for a new friend.  I had already stained the tabletop in dark walnut and I also did a very slight whitewashing over it.

 As I said, there are crumbs on the floor.  Sorry.  You can't see them in 'real' life, and I promise I vacuumed yesterday (although anyone who's ever had small children certainly understands.  Right?)

 You'll see my sick 6 year old in the background on the couch.  He's been home all week, poor guy.
 Stools are from Ikea, we've had them for ages.  It is the boys favorite place to sit with a snack & watch a movie.  There are 3 stools because my 4 year old niece often joins us as well.  (We have one more stool waiting for my nephew, who at 8 months can't really sit on a stool yet!)
Total cost:  approximately $26, mainly due to the cost of the solid round tabletop (from Lowe's).  I'm replacing the two drum tables we've been using for quite a while, as this table gives the room a much more open feel.

Now, I need your opinion...

I found these chairs at a garage sale on the way home from a soccer game on Saturday.  Of course, we weren't in my SUV.  We were in my husband's car.  So, you can imagine what we looked like on the way home with 4 chairs stuffed into the trunk & one sitting next to the boys in the backseat.  Thankfully, it wasn't far!

UPDATED TO ADD:  My indignant sister just called to remind me that SHE actually spotted the chairs first, and called me to alert me about them.  Later, on our way home from soccer, we pulled over & got them.  Sorry, sis!  Credit where credit is due :)

The problem is that I can't decide what to do with them.  Strip & stain, strip & wax, paint... I need your opinions!


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  1. Hey Kathie ~ Loving your new (old) coffee table. The details on the base are fabulous and I love the addition of the round top! It's a perfect marriage! The chairs are very cool, again with alot of detail. If they were mine, I would probably paint them but you're way more of an expert than I am so go with your gut! Have a great day ~ hope your son is feeling better!

  2. Beautiful coffee table! I hope your little sick one feels better soon! Iam sure whatever you do with those chairs will be wonderful. I would be very tempted to paint and glaze~

  3. My fave thrift store has had that SAME table (I think they have it priced around $5) for the last month or so... I have been eying it but haven't bought yet... I am going there today may have to snatch it up LOL!

  4. I love the coffee table... We've been searching for a pedastal to cut off to coffee table height... No luck so far. I love the detailing on those chairs.... I say paint....

  5. Kathie, Great coffee table! We always have little chairs around our coffee table too. :) It looks like the seats of the chairs possibly come off by unscrewing underneath? I would paint the chairs and stain the seats.

  6. Hmmm...If you stained, I think a really dark walnut would look good. But with that sunburst on the back it almost looks a little Southwest? Maybe some bright sunny colors? Or a turquoise? :) Have fun!!

  7. the table looks great and is so perfect fro your family!
    as for the chairs... honestly i don't refinish a ton of pieces and i like to paint, but i think these owuld look so nice refinished, and paired with a white or black table.

  8. The table turned out so great. And what a deal! The chairs look really unique. They look like they would refinish nicely, but I would have to paint them if they were mine.

  9. The Coffee table turned out amazing! &Those chairs are such a beautiful FIND! I think it all depends on what you need in your home. If you need a pop of color, maybe have fun and paint them! Then again their detail would be shown of beautifully in a great stain. Asses what your home is in need of &then decide!

  10. Your coffee table is divine!

    But what caught my eye is your area rug!! It is exactly what I have been looking for to put in my dining room! Where did you get it??

  11. I think you should experiment with the chairs - do something fun and funky paint-wise with them.

  12. Those chairs are just asking to be painted. With all that detail I can't wait to see what you do.

    Cute Coffee table too!

    Stopping by from Beyond the Picket Fence


  13. The chairs are really a neat find! I love how solid and chunky they are...I am picturing them with paint (there's a surprise!), either white or a solid color (because they almost remind me of something you'd see in a fun Mexican restaurant for some reason). And your table turned out so nice!

  14. 100% paint on the chairs! :) The detail is exquisite and will be defined and pop once you paint and distress them. I would also go for fun and funky and paint each one a different color. Great find! Good luck with what you decide, and can't wait to see the end result!

  15. What a great and functional coffee table. Totally meets your needs while looking elegant. Great redo! As for the chairs...first of all I LOVE them. Unique. Depends on your decor and where you'll use them really. I like the idea of white paint on them, but a dark stain could be beautiful as well.

  16. OH my i love that, what detail in that stand. You did amazing.. What a FInd and a transformation- THanks for stopping by my blog-- xoxoxo

  17. I love it--that top is so much better. Thanks for sharing at Beyond the Picket Fence.

  18. First of all, the coffee table transformation is a knockout. I cannot believe you got the base for 2.99. As for the chairs, I think the style of them with the wood makes them look dated. Because of the chunky features, I would paint them to bring those details out. Just my .02. I really appreciate you sharing these at Project Diaries!