Wednesday, October 6, 2010

play that funky music

alternate title:  it's electric!

So, this project was a bit off the grid for me, so to speak.  You'll see in a minute what I mean, but the end result is FUN!

First things first, though.  This little blog is quickly approaching 200 followers (179 at last count) which makes me just giddy with excitement.  I'd like to do something to celebrate and to say a huge 'thanks' to those of you who are supporting me in each step of this journey.

If you'll remember, when we hit 100 followers, I gave away a huge custom magnetic board (yay!!).  That was a big hit.  What do you want to see for a giveaway next?  I need some feedback, folks :)  I was thinking a giftcard, perhaps a visa card, but that isn't very original.  What do you think?!  And just like last time, all you need to do to win is be a follower (for those of you not familiar with this, all you need is an email address & a password to do this).

Black & Decker has asked me to sign onto their new "projects & advice" section of their website, which looks really cool & fun.  Check out my new badge on the upper right sidebar on the blog.  Perhaps they would want to give away some fun tools?!?  Let me know what you think.


This table was yet another find of my neighbor/scouter.  She's fabulous, have I said that lately?!  When she brought it over, I was mid-priming session on several other pieces so unfortunately, the only 'before' I have of this piece is actually an 'in progress'.

Here's a sneak peek

And before...
This, as I said, is more of a 'during'.  It is mid-priming here.  The whole piece was only about $5, mainly because it only came with two out of three panels of glass for those cut-outs you see.

So I painted it a nice neutral color...

Or not.

In my quest to use up all of the random paint in our basement, I went with this.  It is a Rustoleum spray paint, meant for striping projects, I believe.  It is almost neon.  Blinding.
I started over it with RL Tobacco glaze.
I let that dry completely, then sanded all over and applied some Minwax Dark Walnut stain with a rag.
Now it's starting to get the look I was going for.
The dilemma ~ what to do with those openings?  My initial thought was to cover these panels that Doug cut for me with textured, paintable wallpaper.

HUGE fail.  Soppy, wet, drippy fail.

So next I went with this- it is plastic, meant to mimic vintage ceiling tiles.  I got it in the kitchen design department at HD where you can buy it by the sheet.  I think it is intended to be used as a backsplash.  It is great- you can cut it with plain old scissors.
I got out my gorilla glue and found some heavy stuff to sit on the panels overnight while they dried.

Those of you who know me are aware that 'funky' is probably the last word anyone would ever use to describe me, so this funky table was especially fun.  Our photographer & dear friend once referred to me in a blog post as "hip" (I was cutting my hair for locks of love, and let the boys cut it themselves) and my family laughed about that for weeks... the thought of me being "hip" was hilarious to them.  Still is.

I also just finished this dresser that was a Goodwill find.  I am STILL searching for the owner of the Bible that I found inside it.  It is embossed & has all sorts of family information handwritten inside.  I am determined to find this person, or at least his family!

It was in rough shape.
The finish was so worn that I didn't have to strip it at all- I just sanded.  Then I went with, you guessed it, dark walnut stain.

These pictures are so awful, I can't believe I am even putting them up.  Terrible quality, awkward angle, you name it, they are bad.  But it is also late & I'm tired!

Sorry for the awful pictures :)  My Nikon battery died on me, so I used my 'cheap' camera.

So, become a follower if you aren't already, and let me know what you'd like to see in a giveaway!!

thanks for coming by!

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  1. Both pieces are amazing - good luck finding the owner of that Bible - I'm sure they'll be thankful to have it back!!

  2. I still think you are a pretty "hip" girl... All these years later. xoxoxo!!!

  3. Don't really care what you give away, I just want to win! :-)

    LOVE the blue table!

  4. i love the classic look of the dresser- you really brought it back to life. and that table... WOW! it is so cool! what an ingenious idea for the insets. and the color of course has me drooling! thanks for joining my party!

  5. Love the table...I've been wanting to use that tile-looking stuff for months now, but I haven't found the right piece yet!

  6. Love what you did with that piece. It amazes me how glazing tones down a color. I have something I sprayed long ago in a similar "shock me" blue and this post reminded me of it. I'm going to give it a go and follow what you did and see what happens. Thanks for the inspiration. I hope you find the owners of that bible.

  7. love it, so inspiring! last time i went to hd, husband and i were totally dissing on the wannabe vintage plastic sheets but now i want some BAD! :) I'm definitely gonna copy this.


  8. The table turned out great. My favorite part is the faux ceiling tiles. Awesome idea.
    As far as what you should give away.. I don't have a clue. Good luck with
    As always my helpful self.

  9. LOVE this!


  10. Hi, Kathie!! Let me know if you ever see anything in my Etsy shop that you want to do a give away with. It is, of course, all vintage stuff, and isn't as big of a give away as your lovely board, but the offer is out there if you want.

  11. Sorry - meant to include this

  12. Kathie, how lucky you are to have such a wonderful "spotter"! Love the table and creative use of the pieces that look like vintage ceiling tiles.

    My vote is for the Black and Decker tools...a woman can never have too many tools in her "funiture rehab" arsenal!

  13. Hey Kathie, just wanted to let you know I linked to this project in my blog post

  14. My FAV is Dark Walnut! I redid a table with a Dark Walnut top...redoing the chairs now with a Dark Walnut wash. I am SO ready for those to be done! :)

  15. One of my favorites you've done... AMAZING!