Tuesday, July 12, 2011

duck egg blue with a twist

So I've talked about my conclusion that duck egg blue chalk paint is just too bright for me.  But I still had almost an entire can left.  So I started messing with it.  A little old white, a little graphite, stir is all up, and this is what I came up with .

I love it.

Because this nightstand was originally such a dark stain, the areas I sanded through looked perfect without the dark wax.  So I only painted, sanded & used clear wax.  Short, simple & easy.


I did switch out the pulls, although they're very similar to the original ones.


Finally, one more project to share.  I don't have a 'before' on this one.  Must have gotten in a hurry.  But it's a bar.  I painted the bottom in country gray & the top in graphite with a dark wax.  Here it is…

It was hard to get a picture of it in the garage, but it sold before I could bring it in the house!  Hooray!  Hope you all are staying cool in the heat ~ I was out in my garage for a few minutes and was pouring sweat.  It is HOT.



  1. I love what you did with the duck egg blue. I have to try that. I get what you're saying about it being too bright.

  2. They both look great! I especially love the Duck Egg/combo mix! :)

  3. Great projects! Love your new paint color creation! And yes, it's hot here too. I've got an extra fan running in the garage, but it's just blowing hot air - yuck!

  4. love your duck egg concoction! it looks great! the country gray looks very yellow on my screen- is it yellowish? that piece is great- very stately with its dark top!

  5. Your new paint color is much better, I agree! Lovely pieces.

  6. I attempted to work in the garage tonight but way too hot...dragged in a small something to work on. Love your new paint concoction. I have yet to try out this chalk paint everyone is talking about.