Monday, July 18, 2011

Paloma Chalk Paint :(

This was another commissioned piece.  The client requested gray ~ so obviously I went with Chalk Paint.  However, I wanted to try a new 'gray' rather than Paris Gray, so I had ordered Paloma… thinking it would be a nice break in my routine.

Uhm… not so much.  Has anyone tried Paloma?  Maybe it was just my can but it was turning out all pinkish/lavenderish.  Eww.  

So I did what any determined painter would do, I added a big dollop of graphite to the Paloma and this is the color I got.  And I like it!  Phew.

Here is the before:

It is a reproduction piece, so don't panic.  I didn't go & paint an old antique :)


I thought it needed a little something extra, so I added this wood piece to the back.  I love the look it gave it.

thanks for stopping by!


  1. Very creative way to save the project by adding graphite to your paint. Great makeover. I also have a problem with old white. My can of paint seems very yellow. When I see old white painted pieces on blogs, it looks like a nice white, but not my can.

  2. Absolutely lovely! Wish we had chalk paint in Australia :(

  3. You 'new' color is lovely! What a pretty piece.

  4. The wood applique on the "made" the piece. A perfect finsihing touch. It got the hand painted samples and I thought that the Paloma had a purplish cast to it...I like lavender but not in a gray~ The piece turned out great though- xo Diana

  5. Beautiful! The color turned out great in the end.The applique was a great idea!

  6. i haven't tried the paloma but i have heard the same thing about it.... you saved it nicely! looks awesome!

  7. good save! i still havent tried chalk.. i have soo much latex it doesnt seem prudent. sheesh... who says prudent?

  8. lovely! How do you like using the wax? My hands kept cramping up while I was polishing it....

  9. That turned out great. I haven't tried any of the chalk paints so I can't help you much there on the coloring! But it looks like you got it all figured out ;)
    I love the wood deco piece you put on, good call.


  10. it looks wonderful! Good job mixing up a great color!

  11. Hi - that looks like a wonderful color - will have to try it!! Next time that you have a problem with a paint color (AS chalk paint or other)...just use the opposite color on the color wheel to reduce a hue that you don't want. So - if something is a bit too purple, add yellow. Too red or pink, add green. Too blue - add orange. You can experiment with just adding tints to AS Chalk paint (instead of buying Chalk paint). Try it and see how it works. I've heard it does.

    I would have feared that the Graphite would have dulled the color down too much - but apparently not!! Good for you - and a brilliant save!!!!