Thursday, September 1, 2011

funky kitchen island

I may have mentioned a time or two hot hot it is here in Atlanta this summer.  No?  Well… it is HOT.  So I've taken to bringing in a piece at a time ~ into my kitchen ~ and painting there.  My family loves this, let me tell you (insert sarcasm here).  But it is the only way.  It is so pleasant to paint in the AC, I could really get used to this.  Of course, I only use ASCP indoors (no other paints due to fumes, VOC's) and paint over either a drop cloth or in this case a moving blanket.

This piece was brought to me by a client with an antiques space.  It is a fabulous piece, originally from pottery barn (she bought it used, of course), with a great drawer and also a pull out cutting board that fits over the stainless steel top.  The top is not shiny or new, but has a great patina to it.


I ordered some Antibes Green a while back and have been wanting to try it out, so this piece got the royal Antibes treatment.

It is so fun & fabulous that I left it right there for a few days!  We don't have room in our kitchen for an island (without taking down some walls, that is) but it sure was fun for a little while.

thanks for stopping by!


  1. Kathie- I love that piece. It is bright and fresh looking and I like that you left the drawer white! Or is that a drawer? xo Diana

  2. that is so fun! love the top on it, too! and check this piece out- they are soooo similar!
    great minds! :) i love that fun green- it adds a nice pop to the center of a kitchen. have a great weekend- is it here yet? i am ready!

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  4. Love it. I can see this in a country or beach cottage. (Wish I had one)

  5. I love that green! And what a great piece! Nicely done Kathie! And painting inside is definitely a challenge!