Wednesday, September 21, 2011

tone-on-tone dresser

The tone-on-tone look is a new one for me.  I usually go for contrast, but got out of my comfort zone for this piece.


It was missing the top two pulls when I got it, but I loved the 4 handles and really wanted to keep them.  Only problem was, once the piece was painted, the handles just seemed bulky when I went to put them back on.  So I took a gamble and primed/painted them to match.  And I really like it.

Here it is when I was still debating about the pulls:

Like a lot of pieces lately, this one never made it out of the garage before it was loaded into someone's truck ~ how do y'all handle that?  I hate to miss the photo opp :)  But here she is (and she is a 'she' for sure) :

My garage floor is lovely, isn't it??  Now that is what I call a 'labor of love', y'all!

thanks for stopping by!


  1. so pretty! i love those details on the top drawers- they are a really nice shape. and i love the floor- it looks like the basement floor at my old house!

  2. Man I love the details on those top 2 drawers! What a gorgeous piece. However did you let it go?! :-)

  3. It's so pretty, Kathy! No wonder it sold so quickly!