Thursday, September 22, 2011

quick change

I really love these wicker chairs that I have in my family room because they not only look good, but they are super comfortable.

But I was ready for a change in colors and also ready to switch out the back cushion ~ I never liked the shape of it (really, the problems I have, right??)

I can sew.  But when I say that, I mean I can sew a straight seam (ie curtain panels).  So when it comes to upholstery/ seat cushions with piping, I call in the pros.

In this case, that means contacting my uber-talented neighbor & friend Susan.  She took these chairs from the above picture to this… (sorry for the terrible iphone pic)

… in less than a week.  {let me know if you live in the area & want her contact information!  she is fabulous & reasonable!}

LOVE them!!!

You can also see a peek of the new curtains (that I did myself, with the aforementioned straight seems) in the background.  As soon as I finish the room up, I'll share more pictures.

In other news, my 7 year old has an injured growth plate in his ankle:

Big bummer, since PE is his favorite subject (aside from recess, of course).  He's on the DL for two weeks & I'm just grateful that its not worse.  He's being a good sport, so far (but its only been 24 hours, so check back!)

And our new, sweet Miss Priss Sissy is getting sweeter by the day…

Playing with Sam constantly:

And trying to convince Sadie that she's not so bad:

I rescued this guy (girl?) from the middle of the road the other day:

Isn't he/she gorgeous???

That's all I've got, folks.  Sorry I'm not more interesting!  It's raining here, which we need badly, so I'm happy to climb into bed early & fall asleep listening to the rain fall.  Bliss.

Have a great day!


  1. Kathie- I love the way that chair turned out. She did a great job and I love the peek at your new curtains!

    Take good care of that growth plate and make sure it is COMPLETELY healed before he starts exercising it. Love your animal "friends" and the turtle IS pretty! xo Diana

  2. Injured growth plate? Not sure what that means, but it really does NOT sound like fun. I hope he's back in PE and running around at recess soon!

  3. Love the change! That fabric is so pretty! Hope your little guy heals up quickly. Thanks for sharing.