Monday, September 19, 2011

our new addition

Friends, meet Sissy!

It was my birthday yesterday (37 seems so… OLD!) and in honor of the occasion, we adopted a new feline friend.  She is 13 weeks old & weighs just under 2 pounds.  As sweet as she is, she is totally holding her own with the 'bigs' (aka our two other cats).  We're in love!

Here she is facing Sam down.  {This is also a sneak peek of my new kitchen curtains!}  Sam, as you might remember, is our 10 month old kitten that we rescued last November & bottle fed until he was old enough to eat.  Here's a reminder:

Sam is in love with Sissy, too.  He is following her around like a smitten teenager, practically begging her to play with him.  It is quite adorable (and exactly what we hoped for).

This gal, however, is just irritated…

Sadie is (at least) 11.  We got her from the Humane Society for my birthday in 2001, and they told us at the time she was between 1-2 years old.  She's a happy girl, but was totally over the playful kitten in Sam, so Sissy is Sam's new playmate!

Sissy has settled right in :)

Now, onto Pillow news…

The mate to this pillow is still MIA.  I cannot express enough thanks to those of you who have gone out hunting at your local Home Goods or TJ Maxx stores!!!  Seriously, I appreciate y'all SO much!  But so far, nothing :(  I'm not giving up though!

Hope you're having a great Monday, friends!!


  1. Too adorable. I love the new kitten. Can't wait to see more of those kitchen drapes. They look awesome.

  2. Sissy is too cute! I love, love, love kittens! I have two cats, kitty and marshal dillon. :)
    Sadie and Sam are pretty adorable too!

  3. Happy bday! What a cute new friend you have! I'm 37, too, but I swear this whole year I've been thinking I'm 38! :)

  4. I finally made it to TJMAxx today and they don't have one. sorry to say~ Your new little baby is just darling. She looks like a Sissy, doesn't she? so cute! xo Diana

  5. did you go to the Tj Maxx, Home Goods & Marshalls on North Point in Alpharetta? I could swing by there on Thursday or the one in Cumming.

  6. adorable, we just got a little boy kitty that looks like her :)