Friday, October 21, 2011

Guest Post ~ Using Painted Pieces in the Dining Room

Hi everyone!

Fall is really, really here now.  I just looked at my weather channel app & its 38 degrees in Atlanta.  Burr!

I'm on the trip of a lifetime ~ tagging along with my husband on a business trip to… St. Thomas!  I really cannot imagine how anyone can 'work' here.  The stunning views everywhere you look are pretty distracting!

We were supposed to be staying at the Frenchmen's Reef, but when we got there to check-in, they let us know they were overbooked & we were being bumped to… the Ritz Carlton!  (It just keeps getting better & better!).   The last two pictures above were taken from our balcony :)   We're enjoying every second!

Now, onto the big guest post!!   Many many thanks to Anna from Arcadian Lighting for her work on this!

Hi, I'm Susi, a writer for the Arcadian Lighting blog, a fabulous resource for gorgeous lighting fixtures for your home. I'm excited to be visiting A Few Good Pieces today because I love the look of painted furniture. My post today is all about painted pieces in the dining room. The dining room is the perfect room to add painted furniture for character and interest. I've pulled eight pics that feature painted pieces in the dining room°™hope they inspire you and your readers! Enjoy!

Lamps on Painted Cabinet

A painted piece of furniture can become a focal point in a dining room. This green cabinet draws the eye to it as it is the only colored piece of furniture in this chic dining room. The table lamps also add a nice touch of symmetry to the room.

Painted Table

This white painted table wouldn't stand out like it does if it were natural wood. The white looks fresh against the wood chairs and sisal rug.

Painted Furniture

A white painted dining table is the focal point for this lovely pastel dining room. Pink and blue dining chairs stand out against the simple white dining table.

Painted Furnitures

Painting both the dining chairs and the nooks the same color creates a cohesive look in this charming farmhouse dining room. Love the blue color of the Windsor style chairs.

Light Fixture

This beautiful dining room is anchored by a dark antique dining table. The white painted chairs keep the room feeling light and airy and tie in to the rest of the room's palette. A perfect pairing with the feminine contemporary light fixture over the table.

Painted Corner Cabinets

Painted corner cabinets add color to the corners of this pretty dining room. The paint technique gives them an antique feeling, which is perfect for the style of this design.

Gray Painted Hutch

Not all painted furniture in the dining room needs to pop or be the focal point. This drab gray hutch is perfect for drawing attention to the lovely pottery that fills its shelves.


Painted furniture in the dining room is a great opportunity to add some fun to the room. In this open living space filled with eclectic furnishings and chandeliers, these citrusy green chairs definitely draw attention to the dining table.

If you liked this post and have been thinking about adding ceiling lights or lamps to your home, check out Arcadian Lighting blog for more lighting inspiration!

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  1. You need to hop over to St. John for a day! We went to St Thomas on a cruise a few years ago & everyone recommended we see St John. If you think St. Thomas is beautiful, St. John will take your breath away! Have a fabulous time! And it is freezing here in Atlanta, we have the heat on!!!