Monday, October 18, 2010

catching up!

It was such a gorgeous weekend here in Atlanta!  Our alarm went off this morning and all I could think was that I wanted the weekend to start all over again :)

We did a lot of this...

I love my boys.  My 'boy' who coaches and my boys who play.  Just love them.

There is just nothing better than watching them play a game they love, doing their best, playing hard & being proud of themselves in the end.  Bliss, I tell you!

I also did a lot of painting this weekend.  That stereo cabinet, y'all... it is STILL not done.  It is actually in our master bedroom now, with it's new mirror above it, but it is topless.  Ha!  Topless.  But really, it has no top.  It is just an open bin right now.  Who knew hinges were so complicated?!  My goal is to have it finished by the end of the week.  Can't wait to show you!

You know I have boys.  So sometimes it is fun to have a little pink in my life.  This set just said 'pink' to me.

headboard & footboard, so girly with the lines & curves
sweet chair with rose motif on the back
 adorable table
another adorable table with curving lines all around the top

Of course, this wasn't a 'set' until I made it one, but I think you'll agree that it was meant to be together in a sweet little girl's room...

Isn't it precious?!

I've got lots more to show you, but I'm spent for the day.  Thanks for visiting!  I appreciate y'all!


  1. love the girly pink, especially on the bed. and we did the same thing this weekend! my husband is assistant coach for my son's team. it's so fun to see them both out there. :)

  2. Love love love it!!! I love pink... Those pieces are precious!

  3. Wow, this is really pretty! Some lucky little girl will love this!

  4. What a pretty set! You did a great job on those and some little girl is going to be very happy!