Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the other half

So the dresser is now reunited (visually, at least!) with it's companion piece, the chest!

Don't they look great together?

Just to take you back, here is the 'before'

Aren't these drawers fabulous?  This is what you find when you open the two top doors ~ three concealed drawers!

In other news, I have gotten a(nother) new set of dining rooms chairs!  Here's to this set staying put here in our home :)  The others keep selling!  I found these on craigslist and my dad was kind enough to drive to Buford with me to get them (about 40 minutes from my house).  They are wonderful, sturdy & I even like the finish on them enough to keep it (at least for now).  I will be changing out the seat covers, but haven't had time yet.

All 6, one with arms, for $100.  Can you beat that?!  Especially considering they are in perfect condition.


Have a great night, everyone!

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  1. LOVE the chairs.... I'm working on a piece right now with those identical drawers.... It's a piece I'm gonna have problems parting with !!

  2. As much french stuff as I see out there, this is the first one I've had with the sharp lines across the front... every other piece has been with the equally gorgeous curved fronts. But I LOVE the points & the lines they create! Can't wait to see yours!

  3. Those chairs are incredible! Great makeover on the dresser too!!~

  4. What a great find! Oh my. Those chairs are amazing! I would certainly put other projects ahead of these as well because they already look glorious!

  5. gorgeous! i love the masculine style of it as well- the stright lines and the hardware make it really stand out. thanks for sharing at my party! i love the blue french dresser you did, too- you shoudl link that one up as well!

  6. Love those chairs, you got a great deal. The dresser and chest look great together too! Isn't it lovely the difference paint makes!

  7. Those chairs are gorgeous!!! Love them.

  8. Wonderful other half! I love all your makeovers that you are doing!

  9. The dresser and chest look great and are probably happy to be back together! Love those drawers hidden behind the doors! And your new chairs were a great find too!