Monday, June 20, 2011

classic dresser in aubosson

This dresser is one of my favorite things lately ~ the pictures really don't do it justice.

It started out pretty boring… But I liked the clean lines & the keyholes (even if they were super-duper-glued on).

I painted it first in Annie Sloan's old white, then Aubusson.   I love the contrast.

For some reason, the colors showed up so differently at different angles.  Who knows?!  I replaced the knobs (the originals were nice, but they were *glued* on and took a beating, from a hacksaw,  in the removal process) but left the original casters.

It sold the day I listed it to a lady that my husband met at our house.  It was hilarious ~ I wasn't home at the time, and I got this call from my husband… "the lady here really likes the dresser, but is concerned about the places where the white is showing through.  Do we have any more of this paint?"

  HA!  I wanted to yell through the phone two things:  that, yes, we have more paint but it is too expensive to share… and that it took me hours to accomplish that finish!  However, I refrained :)  Once she learned it was intentional, she decided she liked it & that was that.  Goodness gracious.

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  1. i love the style and color of that dresser! i can see it in a lttle boy's room or in an entry for a pop of color! or even with a sink on top of it as a bathroom vanity! so pretty!

  2. I think it is so cute! I know how you feel with the distressing~sometimes I show friends what I'm working on and they totally don't get the shabby style! :)

  3. Kathie- I can remember when I had more pieces like that and people would say things like.."Well, it will be really nice once you get it painted"'s pretty beat up..are you going to strip and stain it? lol Glad she figured she liked it in the end! xo Diana

  4. Hi Kathie, I had my finance lady come and see the house recently and what we had done to it. I had spend hours painting the bathroom vanity and her comment was "Oh the bathroom is looking lovely, what colour are are you going to paint that dowdy vanity" I cannot believe some people just dont get it.
    Love this dresser by the way, great job. Sandy x

  5. LOL...that is funny! Love the color I have a quart of that one too. In fact I just gave it my neighbor to try it out. I told her don't worry you will not use it all, so give me back what you don't use. I think she thinks I was crazy because a quart seems like nothing, but as you know it goes a long way.

  6. The shape and color of the dresser is adorable!

  7. That is too funny that she wanted to 'fix' your paint job. Some people! Geez

  8. Haha sounds like my family when I paint something lol Love this dresser & want to use Aubusson in my son's room but thought it was too dark, so this is an option. Thanks!

  9. That is just too funny! I once had a lady tell me that one of my dressers had chipped paint, when of course it was distressed, so I know the feeling. Cool color! Have you tried every color of chalk paint yet?