Monday, June 27, 2011

DOUBLE the Give-Away!!!!!

Y'all, I can hardly sit still, I am SO excited about this!!!!

I got a call this morning from Virginia Weathersby at The Southern Institute for Faux Finishing.  I get all of my chalk paint & supplies from them, and had planned to get the giveaway items from them as well.  They have great availability as well as exceptional customer service.  Their only flaw?  They are too far away from me :)  Located in Mississippi, they have a store that offers not only custom work, but also supplies and classes… amazing!

Well, Virginia offered to SWEETEN the DEAL for the giveaway!

First, friends, she offered to add an additional wax & a brush to the deal, so that the winner can have both a clear wax and a dark wax!!

Then, she offered to DOUBLE the offer.  So we will have TWO winners!!  Each winner will receive:

         *2 cans of chalk paint (your color choice)
         *2 cans of wax, one clear & one dark
         *2 wax brushes, one for your clear & one for your dark
         *All of this SHIPPED to your home

Can you see why I can't sit still???  TWO of you are going to win this fabulous prize & get your chance to either expand your chalk paint experience or start a whole new experience with this fabulous paint (for those of you yet to try it)!!!

The only catch is that we are putting the Giveaway off until tomorrow, because Virginia has something super-duper-fabulous to share first and she is going to share it HERE!

So stay tuned, friends… tomorrow Virginia will be sharing something awesome, and we will be picking not one but TWO winners of the chalk paint package.


Make sure you're a follower of the blog ~ that is all you need to do to enter the giveaway.

We'll draw at 7pm tomorrow night (Tuesday, June 28, 7pm EST).   I CANNOT WAIT!!!  In the meantime, go check out The Southern Institute of Faux Finishing to see their amazing work & ponder which color you would choose if you win.



  1. i think i just wet my pants from all the excitement.

  2. You are amazing! What a fantabulous giveaway! I'm crossing my fingers. :)

  3. That is an amazing gesture on their part to sweeten the pot to two giveaways, awesome!

  4. saweeet!

    thanks to virginia for your generosity! thanks kat for being awesome and chippy.

  5. Kathie that is one fabulous offer I can hardly believe the genorosity. I will be hanging out for this giveaway beside the laptop. Sandy xx

  6. This is just plain crazy talk!! Wow, that is more than generous of you and Miss Virginia! Keeping my fingers crossed and may make the kids where their jammies inside out tonight and try the "snow day dance". Couldn't hurt...

  7. I would love to win this paint! I can't find it in Canada!

  8. Virginia is a sweetie! I can't wait to hear the NEWS!!!!
    ohhh, how I would love to win one of these!

  9. Pure torture!!!! I never win but still love the anticipation, so generous of you and Virginia.

  10. FABULOUS giveaway. I have three pieces of furniture I have been dying to paint with chalk paint. Being unemployed right now I can't buy any so sure hope I win!! Deb

  11. I am dying over here!!!!! Squeal!!!!! :)

  12. Just wanted to let you know that I featured your wonderful blog today over at my blog :)...check it out and be sure to snag a button!

  13. Holy smokin hot sauce Batman! I'm crossing my fingers so tight, would cross my toes too if I could! Ahhhh!!!

  14. Very cool and very exciting! I want to try more colors!!!

  15. Kathie- Congratulations on offering such a nice give-away! xo Diana

  16. Hip Hip Hooray for Virginia & Kat for being awesome and incredibly generous. We are LUCKY followers : )