Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The WINNERS & A SURPRISE from Virginia!

Hi everyone!

I'm so glad the time is here to announce the winners, because I can hardly stand it anymore!

But first, I have something awesome to share… Virginia Weathersby from the Southern Institute of Faux Finishing has just completed a fantastic video tutorial on Chalk Paint.  The video is perfect ~ it touches on all the ways you can make chalk paint 'yours' through mixing of colors, waxing techniques and distressing.

And here it is!!!

I am SO excited to share this with you!!!  Take a moment and watch it ~ I've watched it three times already :)  I've yet to try the gilding wax (but you can bet I'm going to) and I also haven't gotten very experimental in my color mixing.  It is so fun to see all of the possibilities!  The music is also fun and of course I love listening to Virginia's beautiful southern accent.

So now, without further ado, I want to announce the winners of the Chalk Paint Giveaway.  Do you remember what the winners will get?  Here is a reminder:

         *2 cans of chalk paint (your color choice)
         *2 cans of wax, one clear & one dark
         *2 wax brushes, one for your clear & one for your dark
         *All of this SHIPPED to your home

Virginia added to my original giveaway in a HUGE way… She included an additional wax & wax brush for the first winner, and also offered to double the offer to TWO winners.  We love you, Virginia!!

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner (do they say that everywhere, or just here in the south?!)

I asked my kiddos to pick a number between 1 & 477…

My 7 year old chose:

Number 45 which is SANDY from Paint Me White in Australia!!!  (Virginia had offered to cover shipping but I think I'll tell her I'll split it with her for this one!)

My 8 year old chose:

Number 360 which is KIM from A Brush of Whimsy in Idaho!!!

YAY!!  Congratulations, to our proud new chalk paint owners & future chalk paint addicts!

Will you girls email me (kathiechipman @ yahoo.com) and share the following with me:

*have you ever used chalk paint?  (sandy, I know from our comments/correspondence that you haven't since it isn't available in Australia ~ which makes it extra special for you to be a winner!)
*what colors would you like to choose (choose 2!)
*your address
*also, I think it would be fun if y'all would send me pictures of your first chalk paint projects so I can share them here.  Deal??

Phew ~ the suspense has been killing me!  I am so thrilled for both Kim & Sandy, and so grateful to Virginia and The Southern Institute of Faux Finishing!

Love to all!!


  1. Congratulations to both winners. Shipping to Australia is quire expensive! They will both be so thrilled to win. I am going to watch that tutorial in just a bit! xo Diana

  2. My kids think I am nuts because I'm running around the house yelling!! :) Yipee! I am sooooooooooo excited! Thank you so much! :)

  3. congrats winners! you must come back and show us what you did with your paints and waxes.

    fun giveaway, again thanks to virginia and kathie! so nice to see generosity isnt it?

  4. congrats to the winners! Lucky girls! :)
    great video Virginia! :)

  5. A huge thankyou to Kathie & Virginia. Kim I was the same and did a scream and run around the house in excitement. Thankyou for such a generous giveaway. I cannot wait to get stuck into the chalk paint. I have lots of pieces lined up already. Thankyou Thankyou. Sandy

  6. Congrats winners!! My kids are feeling so responsible for my not winning since the official lucky snow day dance and routine did not help. Wonder if that translates into some room cleaning? LOL Thanks for hosting such an exciting & generous giveaway.