Friday, June 17, 2011

claw-foot table

Wow ~ 2 posts in one day!  I am catching up on some old projects.  This piece is gone, to our favorite & most wonderful babysitter of all time!  She also got 4 chairs to go with it.  They'll be going back to Athens with her in the fall for her apartment at UGA.  yay!!

This gorgeous table came from the 'goodwill that redeemed itself'.  I snatched it up quickly!

 The top was in bad shape, but it is solid oak and otherwise in great condition.

First things first, I sanded down the top to the bare wood.

I flipped it & painted the underside.  First with primer, then with an old white.

Looking better already!

 Next, I stained the top dark walnut.  I used a wood conditioner first, because the wood seemed awfully dry.  It only needed one coat of stain.

Drying in the garage, a gazillion coats of poly later.

And, finally...

Love it!

thanks for stopping by!  have a GREAT weekend!


  1. I love how it turned out~just beautiful!

  2. Oh, you're too good! You painted underneath? You put me to shame.
    I love how your table turned out! It's completely refreshed~very pretty!

  3. What a stunning table! You gave this one a whole lot of love. Glad it's going to someone special!

  4. Gorgeous! How did you get those arial "after" shots?! Deb

  5. playing catch-up on my blogs! LOVE how this table turned out. gorgeous!

  6. I Love how the table turned out. It's Beautiful!

  7. beautiful! I love how it turned out.

  8. What a striking combination...I just never tire of painted legs and stained top. Wonderful job!