Sunday, June 5, 2011

Duck Egg Blue ~ a Fail

Back to the chalk paint :)

This is duck egg blue.  It's a little bright when you first put it on, but as with the other colors, its two coats & done.  I tried to distress this piece with my RL tobacco glaze.  Not sure I'll do it again after using the Annie Sloan dark wax on Big Red… the wax is amazing & is so forgiving.  Even more so than the glaze.

Before… Standard 6 drawer dresser.

I was fooled at first, thinking this piece had beautiful wood grain.  Although it is solid wood, that finish is faux!  Can you believe it?

As I said, the color is bright.

It's ok… I'm not totally in love with it.  In fact, when I look at the pictures, I realize I don't really like it at all.  But looking at the positives, it is already sold, so *somebody* liked it :)

If you're wondering about my lack of decent display space suddenly… its due to my sad & weak arm.  Pieces that I wouldn't have hesitated to drag into the house on furniture movers pre-broken-arm, are now just too much for me to handle.  I'm so thankful to have the cast off, but really don't have my strength back yet.  One day.

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  1. Just curious Kathie, what don't you like about it? The fact that it's already sold is a good thing. And I guess that's the bottom line. Sometimes I'm surprised by the pieces that sell first, not always my personal favorites. Hope you continue to gain strenth in your arm!

  2. It looks pretty great from this end of it-but I understand that not everything you do will be your favorite! Hope your arm is soon strong again! xoDiana

  3. This post is so timely. I just finished painting a hutch with the duck egg, accented with an old white and then a dark wax. I'm not totally in love with my project either. I loved it on a chair...maybe too much surface area. I should have just used the old white.

  4. I think it's cool. Sometimes when I don't like something it sell fast. It goes to show that their is something for everyone!

  5. Hope your arm is feeling better! The dresser looks really good!