Saturday, June 11, 2011

my last shot at duck egg blue

I really thought I was going to love this color, but… well, I haven't.  It is too green for me, I think.  Too something, one way or another.

I gave it another try on this dresser.  It's ok.


During… after we fixed the wonky drawers.

And after…

When I finished this piece, I started fooling with the duck egg blue.  I added some graphite & some old white and I'm loving the results.  Pictures to come!



  1. I think it looks great! XOXO

  2. Looks good Kathie. I don't find duck egg blue to be greenish at all. Then again, I have a lot of blue accessories around it in different variations of blue. I also use only the clear wax not anything with a tint. Your piece looks good though!

  3. I really like it,Kathie..and I have to tell you it doesn't photograph with green tinges at all. It looks blue to me..but then,what do I know?;>0 and, in the end, YOU have to be the one that loves it! xo Diana

  4. Well the good thing about chalk paint is that it's fun to play with. Can't wait to see what color you've created!

  5. Isn't your wallpaper on this page duck egg blue??

  6. I know what you mean about the duck egg. I'm thinking about trying the paris grey next. Have you tried that color yet?