Tuesday, November 2, 2010

fun with red

I don't have a lot of 'before' pictures of this set, because I was really at a loss regarding what to do with it all.

Have you ever looked around and seen a bunch of totally unrelated & different pieces of furniture?  That was how I felt about this group.  But what unites pieces of furniture better than paint?

The bed started like this, and it was so cute in red that I couldn't resist giving it some friends.

Just a note about the color:  the red in the picture above is much more accurate than the red in the 'after' pictures.  Not sure why?!

When I paired this red chair with the brown & white geo-key fabric (same fabric I just used on my dining room chairs) I knew it was meant to be.  In my mind, I see this set going to a little boy's room.

 This table was something I bought at Goodwill ~ it was topless when I bought it for $2.99.  So I stained a piece of scrap wood & my sweet husband attached it to the table and added some trim to finish it.  The corners where you can see raw wood.... I promise you couldn't see this in real life!  But after seeing the pictures, I went back & sanded, then painted those corners again.

I love how it turned out, and it is such a testament to what paint can do!

Thanks for coming by!


  1. Love the red! It would work so well in a little boy's room!

  2. Red is a great color and I love how it looks on these pieces :)

  3. I love all of that red! The bed is super cute!

  4. The red is a little obnoxious in the pictures :) It is rustoleum's Heritage red, which they sell in a can and in a spray (which I was ever so thankful for on those spindles!) I promise in real life it is a great color!

  5. The same red on all the pieces absolutely unifies this set! Looks Fabulous and that IS a great red!

  6. Kathie! These turned out great. Red is so fun to work with and these just turned out glamorous!

  7. Those look so good!

    It is hard to get red to show true in a photo~I don't know why, either. Sometimes it looks almost fluorescent. But the red in your third photo is gorgeous!

  8. the bed is my fave! i love it- it would look so great with a vintage quilt and would be awesome in a guest room of a house on a lake!