Monday, November 15, 2010

the stereo cabinet ~ it is done!

Drumroll please...

It is done!  The longest project in my personal history is finally done!

Let me take you back to the original piece, which I got at the Goodwill for $14.98.  See the progression below...

 It took me & my dad several hours to gut the piece.  We saved the inoperable turntable, just because it was cool :)

 Here it is empty.  I had to construct all new bottom/back/sides & front panels.
 Primed the piece.
 Painted the hardware.
 Painted, with the hardware back on ~ the hardware is all just for show.  None of it is functional but it sure looks good!
And then... this disaster.
It all came screeching to a halt...

Because my bedroom walls were very light.  And it just didn't work with the white furniture.

So then I had to paint my bedroom :)

My dear friend Wendy ~ bless her heart ~ sat in the middle of my room in a comfy chair & chatted with me for hours while I painted on a Monday morning.  My fat calico cat was very happy to keep her lap warm the entire time, too!  It was so lovely to have company while I worked.  Our 5 boys jumped on the trampoline the whole time (they were out of school that day).

So we went from this...

To this...
 Better, right?  And I LOVE the color.  It is Martha Stewart's Nutshell.  However, I had it mixed in a Behr paint & primer all in one, which is my favorite.  I had two gallons mixed, but only needed one as it covered my huge room & bathroom, all in one coat :)  Happiness!
 I reupholstered the backing of what were the speaker panels with some burlap.
 We added a thick slab of wood which I stained in Dark Walnut for the top.  It is essentially a trunk inside, with all of my husband's hunting/camping gear stored in it.

The hardware is just gorgeous.  When I first spied this piece at Goodwill, I knew I would have bought it regardless of what my plans for it were, because I wanted the hardware if nothing else!
I'm in love with it.  It was a labor of love for sure, and ended up in an entire bedroom being painted, but it was worth it.  Totally & completely worth it.

I'm so proud of it and it makes me happy every time I look at it :)

thanks for coming by!

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  1. Oh Kathie, what a huge project you took on! Now it is done and it is amazing! And it looks perfect with your new wall color. Funny how one thing often leads to another. You should definitely be proud of this one! Great job girl!

  2. What a wonderful finished project! It looks great with your new wall color and I agree, the hardware is gorgeous! I would love to have some place like that to store hunting gear!! Great job!

  3. Aha! So that's why there was a random "paint the bedroom" moment in the Good Pieces house. The domino effect of the things we love to do ... bliss.

  4. OMG! We were painting the Master BR this weekend too. Chose a Martha Stewart color and had it made in Behr too. Then returned the two gallons because the color was WRONG!!! It went from warm and pretty to cold neon in the Behr translation. So glad that your adventure turned out so well. Sounds like we were in an alternate universe this weekend--weird huh?

  5. Girlfriend. DIVINE.... Simply divine... you outdid yourself this time... Cheers!

  6. Oh, I am awestruck! What a wonderful piece, I love that it holds all of your husbands gear! I need something like that! I have guns, bows and arrows and assorted goodies hiding under my bed right now!You did a fabulous job and your bedroom looks great.The hardware is divine!

  7. oh, that turned out great!!!
    the wall color is warm and inviting too.
    keep up the good work!

  8. Love it! It looks amazing & I am in love with that wall color too!

  9. Awesome!! I almost bought one of these last week, but I wasn't sure what to do with that fabric for the speaker doors, but you really did a greta job. I love it!

  10. Amazing job! I can't believe what a huge chore this turned into but the end result obviously made the journey so worth it! Love the colour of your bedroom ~ very warm!

  11. Wonderful job, and it is great that you and your father could work on it together. And to think that my parents sold theirs in an estate sale when they downsized ;-)

  12. Beautifully done and so worth it. You totally upstyled that cabinet and your room!

  13. really beautiful! what a deal!! I've seen pieces like that at thrift shops in our area and they are nowhere NEAR that great of a price! (what are they thinking charging $199.00 ???!!)
    nicely done.

  14. looks gorgeous!!! i you really worked hard on that piece and it shows. it's just beautiful, and now functional!

  15. It turned out beautiful. It was well worth all the work.

  16. As usual, you created a masterpiece!

    p.s I got my prize last Saturday! you're such a sweetie!

    thanks again.

  17. Clearly, I live in the wrong state for Goodwill :) Here, that would have been 79.99! Kathie, you know your stuff and I love all your transformations.

  18. this is so awesome! I'm so far behind in my 'puter duties! Thanks so much for linking up and linking back.
    I've been wanting to take these on for a while now. But being a "me" instead of a "we" it's a big job to move something so large around. :)
    great job! It's looks fabulous in your room. (even though you had to repaint)

  19. Awesome job. It was worth the wait!

  20. You would never dream that was the same piece. You did an amazing job!

  21. I am without words. Where to begin. $14.98! Holy cow. That is gorgeous!!!! you did an amazing job. And what an incredible paint job.

  22. It always amazes me how well these pieces from the 70's can turn out. Great job...

    Take care,

  23. Great transformation! My parents used to have a similar huge stereo cabinet. It's so cool you took the insides out and can use all of that great space for storage.

    Well done!

  24. Fabulous! My parents had an old stereo, very similar to this. I'd never have thought of doing this. Love the burlap! Did you have the burlap idea before the wall color, or vice-versa? Whichever, it looks sensational.

    Would love for you to join us this weekend at Passion for Paint!

  25. The hardware IS fantastic! You did such an amazing job! :)

  26. I'm visiting you from Mural Maker's party. What a beautiful piece of furniture, and you certainly did invest a lot of your time and elbow grease into it. You can always tell when a person has transformed such a piece because it ends up being a marvelous piece of furniture. The mirror is also gorgeous and I love the color you painted you walls. The chairs, lamps, everything is perfect. Beautiful job.

  27. Beautiful! And you're right; the hardware is gorgeous!! thanks for linking to SFS! -shaunna :)