Tuesday, November 16, 2010

give away winner & matty b raps

Ok, y'all, you have got to see this kid!  Matthew is a first grader at my boys' school and he raps.  Like, really raps.

He's had over 18 million hits on his you tube videos (yes, I said 18 million).

Last Thursday, I was volunteering with his sweet mother & she happened to mention that Matthew & her husband were in NYC... because Matthew had been asked to be on the Wendy Williams Show.

He is 7, y'all.

So, go look at him!  I promise you'll be glad you did, he is adorable.  And then you can say you knew-him-when :)  His last name doesn't start with a 'B', though.  He says the B is for him 'being who he wants to be'.  Love it.

You tube page is here.

Wendy Williams show link is here.

Give-Away Winner!!!

As you'll recall, $100 in Visa debit cards was donated for the give away!!

I really loved Chrissie's 'scientific method' of choosing a winner for her give-away recently, and because I've never been able to make the random number generator show the winning number on my post (only when it initially generates it), I'm going to follow Chrissie's lead and let my 8 year choose a random number between 1 & 319 (number of followers + facebook friends who've tried to follow me but haven't been able to!)

And the winning number is...


Follower number 134 is...

Sharon from Elizabeth & Co.!!  I have loved getting to share notes & become friends with Sharon via blogland.  I believe she lives in Maryland, and she has inspired me in a big way to get my garage cleaned out :)  Congratulations, Sharon!  Will you email me with your address, and your prize will be on it's way?!

Have a happy day, everyone!


  1. Wow Kathie, I am so excited! What a great way to start the day! ... I already had a sander on my Christmas wish list and was hoping my old one would hold on till then, but unfortunately it completely died on me yesterday, right in the middle of sanding a dressser. So, maybe I can go shopping a little early. Thanks so much! ... And thank you for the nice comments too. Your projects are inspiring!