Tuesday, November 30, 2010

a tale of many wreaths

It is wreath city over here!

I've made some fun fall wreaths that were total FAILS.  And I've made a bunch of Christmas ribbon wreaths that we'll be using at our church's Women's Christmas dinner as centerpieces (with a hurricane & candle in the center of the wreath).  I had so many of these to make that I got a little overwhelmed... so I took all the materials to church with me last week and sat down in the lobby to get to work in my spare time.  Before I knew it, I had several friends making wreaths with me!  It was unintended, but turned out so fun!  Thank you Beth, Janine, Margaret Anne, Kevin, Carlene, Glenda, Catherine Anne... and I'm sure I'm missing someone, so thank you, too!!

Let's start with the fails, though.

I had seen lots of fun burlap-ish fall wreaths and thought I'd try my own version.
 I started with a straw wreath and some houndstooth fabric that I had left over from who-knows-what.

 I cut the fabric into strips and just started hot-gluing it on, folding & layering each little bit.

 See what I mean?
 I did the outside first, then the inside and finally the front.
 And we have...
Ugh.  Bummer.  I'm just not thrilled with it.

Anyone want it?

Next up:

A fall ribbon wreath.  Can't go wrong here.  Right?

I had all sorts of gorgeous fall ribbon to work with.

But the result looks like brownish/blackish mishmash from the street when it hangs on my front door.  So sad.

Again, anybody want it?  (you think I'm kidding, don't you??  I'm not!  If you want it, it is yours)

So I think for now, the original burlap wreath is going back up!

Now, some Christmas ribbon wreath eye-candy for you.

 My dining room is covered in these things!
 No two are the same.
 There are themes, though.  Some are fun Seuss-ish feeling, with lime green & bright colors.
 There are some empty wreath forms behind this one (above) which is why it looks askew!
 Some are more traditional feeling with darker green and golds.

 Some are happy, polka-dotted, candy caned, snowflaked joy.
And here, you can see what they are going to look like on the tables at the church dinner.

Seriously, does anyone want those two wreaths?  The houndstooth one & the fall ribbon one?  They are yours if you want them!  Just leave me a comment or send me an email (with which one you want) & I'll send them right over!

Thanks, y'all!


  1. well, I guess I may have to agree with you on the houndstooth, but the fall one looks good.
    I love the bright colors of the Christmas wreaths! Ya'll worked hard.

  2. did you leave any ribbon behind at the craft store? that is a whole lot of wreaths and a whole lot of tying... your fingers must be worn out! it all looks so fun and festive though!

  3. Hi Kathie ~ Wow, those sure are a lot of wreaths! They do look so pretty dressing all the tables for your church dinner! All your joint efforts have certainly paid off!

  4. Oh those wreaths look wonderful for table centerpieces! What a clever idea! I love your burlap wreath, its classic and wonderful!

  5. Oh my goodness, you are still painting and making wreaths! They really are cute and will make fun, colorful centerpieces. ... Headed to the garage to topcoat two pieces. Then I refuse to pickup a paint brush for the rest of the year!

  6. Holy Cow! Whattalottawreaths! LOL..okay- gotta say the Fall one is NOT my favorite but the other ones looks pretty darned good to me! Hugs-Diana

  7. Oh My!!!! the fall one matches my Christmas tree decor perfectly. Yes, I know it might be odd sounding but my tree is beautiful in copper and gold. The ornaments are fabulous and came together effortlessly. Our decor for the season is kind of a glamourous wooodlands theme. I'll blog it next week since we are putting it up this weekend before Wine Appreciation club meeting. I think your burlap one is the base of a wreath and just needs more stuff to turn it into something spectacular.

  8. The fall wreath is beautiful!! I <3 it.

  9. WOW! It looks great :-) Nice job!