Friday, November 12, 2010


So, with all the power tools going around here, the heavy lifting, the occasional splintered wood... it was bound to happen.  Just a matter of time before somebody (aka ME) got hurt :)

Funny thing is, though, when I ended up in the urgent care today to get stitches, it wasn't because of anything furniture-related.


I cut the #*^@ out of my hand with a pair of very sharp scissors.  While volunteering at the kids' school.   Our fabulous nurse patched me up but warned me I might need more serious attention and unfortunately she was right.

Don't worry, I took these iphone pictures very carefully so that you don't have to see the gore of the inch-wide and very-deep divot I cut out of my hand.  With scissors.

Here I'm already loaded up with viscous (sp?) lidocaine.  I was much happier at this point :)

And here is what I sent to my husband, my sister & my best friend on the way home... in the grand scheme of things, 3 stitches are no big deal.  Slightly humiliating, really, more than anything else.  So, I'll take it!  I'm very thankful that this is the worst thing that I had to deal with today.  The fact that all of my fingers resemble skillet sausages is already pretty funny to me.

Lesson learned:  when cutting stubborn objects (I was cutting the backs off of some metal brads, don't even ask why), DO NOT place the object in the palm of your hand, and then get distracted by the adorable children doing their Thanksgiving poems.  Blood & pain will ensue.

In other, MUCH more exciting news, the stereo cabinet is finished!!!!!  But I couldn't bear to put it into a post with stitches & lidocaine.  It deserves much better than that.

So, I'll be back this weekend at some point to share.  And I'll eventually share the project that my friend Juliette & I have been working on for weeks ~ it is a class project that will be auctioned off at the school gala in the spring.  We've been in the classroom more hours than I care to count but have enjoyed every minute of it.  Here's a sneak peek...
Too cute, huh??

Oh, and once I get all the vicodin out of my system, we'll be doing the great give-away!

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Stay safe :)


  1. Wow! Wow! And ouch! I'm so sorry to hear about the stitches (that might slow you down a bit:{), and glad to hear that you will be ok. Get some rest this weekend and you can get those pictures out on Monday! Be safe, right back at you!

  2. Oh Kathie - don't you know you are not suppposed to play with scissors! You know better than that! :) Get well soon my friend!

  3. Oh dear, I do hope you heal quickly! Rest up and get better soon~

  4. oh man... that stinks! I hope it heals super duper fast!

  5. Ouch! No more scissors for you, just stick with the power tools! ... A good excuse for a few days off!

  6. Poor girlie! I've snipped my hand before sewing, but I've never taken a chunk that that! OUCH!!! Rest up this weekend, and let that hand get better... Thanks for all the sweet comments about my china cabinet... You're precious.

  7. There are easier ways to get drugs these days you know. Dog #1 even found a way to get morphine this past weekend--no kidding. One of the dobermans was treated at the emergency clinic and put on morphine. And you only get lidocaine--what a rip off. Truly I am sorry about your hand and hope you heal quickly "SMILE".

  8. Kathieee!!! Of course I am sorry that you cut yourself...but I am glad to know that I'm not the only one who does smart things like that. I did it last week trying to jab a hole in a preschool coloring project...with my finger on the backside of the card stock. I didn't have to go to the hospital, but it bled off and on for 24 hours!

  9. I've avoided this post b/c I could tell an injury was involved and I hate the sight of blood! Well, I'm here and your post wasn't too graphic (lol). So glad you're okay! ~Hugs~