Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Holiday Shopping Spree!

I would like to take a moment to share with you my favorite Holiday Shopping Event ~ the Holiday Shopping Spree at our church, St. Luke's Presbyterian Church in Dunwoody.

The HSS is put on by the preschool, St. Luke's Little Saints (SLLS).  Both of my children attended SLLS from the time they were toddlers until they reached Kindergarten.  It is an amazing, loving, faith-filled place.

The HSS benefits the preschool but it also benefits YOU!   The vendors that Miss Carol so carefully selects represent a huge variety of of goods.  There are frames, jewelry, hand made children's clothing, aprons, soaps, magnetic boards, hand knitted items... you name it, if it is special and can be hand~made, it is there.

In addition, there is a bake sale & a frozen casserole sale.  These are homemade and go quickly, so if you are interested, you'll need to be there in the morning to scoop them up :)

I would love to see you all there!!

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  1. I love the flyer that has been put together for the St. Luke's Shopping Spree! It looks like such a fun event and I have never heard of a church bizarre including a frozen casserole sale! MMMMMM, image the options that would be available. I hope the 2-days are a big success! ~Cheers~