Sunday, August 22, 2010

a few good pieces get a new home

A very dear friend of mine from church posted a picture on her blog of her 'new' kitchen table & chairs... you will recognize them from my blog! She really gave me tons of encouragement to make a 'go' of this business, for which I am eternally grateful. Thank you, Donna! Donna blogs about all~thing~Dunwoody and her blog is one of the first that I began to read on a daily basis a couple of years ago.

Check out her blog & the picture here...
(If I were more sophisticated, I could make a link out of that, but I'm still learning!)

The deciding factor for me, though, was the sermon at the early service this morning. Our minister Jason spoke of how often we let fear hold us back from our dreams, when we know all along that God is right beside us, urging us forward. Now, to be clear, his example was overcoming fear to enter the ministry, NOT to start a furniture refinishing business :) However, it struck a chord with me.

So, since the beginning of this blog, the only people in my 'real life' who have known about it were my husband & my sister. I've already made so many new friends through blogtown, but now the word is out to my friends & family in 'real life', too!

I've gathered my gumption, so here we go!
Thanks for all your support!


  1. Kathie, what a beautiful blog. I'm so glad I'm the proud owner of many of your exquisite pieces. Anna Grace is savoring the turquoise side table, which is her "perfect shade of blue" and now positioned bedside in her room. Blessings and best wishes on this wonderful new venture!


  2. Oh Kathie! This post hit me hard! I have learned that I have a fear of failure so I never do anything to move towards a dream. I volunteered to take a severance package after 20 years at work. Okay, that was scary and I have enjoyed every minute at home once I adapted to less stress!! I just keep reminding myself to trust the Lord. We have no money but we are happier without the stress! I love to decorate and finally started a blog in May of this year. The encouragement from everyone on here has been wonderful. However, I never told any of my friends or family until last month. I was so afraid of judgment or ridicule that I sometimes am just paralyzed. Then I decided I like painting and making over furniture. So I purchased a set from Craigslist and decided to do a makeover and sell it. This is huge for me and the fear that no one will want it is almost overwhelming. However, I hear the Lord telling me to trust him and to not be afraid. Just last week, I made the decision to begin swing dance lessons with my husband. My fear of looking like a fool and failing has held me back for 10 years. I was a nervous wreck before we got to the first lesson. I made it through and didn't look as bad as thought. Who knows where I will go from here. So sorry for rambling but I wanted to encourage you with my story. We can do this!!!

  3. Thanks, y'all! And, Bonnie~ good for you! I always remember my parents saying to me "You'll never know unless you try" and it applies to so many things. I have a pathological fear of speaking in front of people... I won't pretend to have conquered that one (or even close!) but I know God doesn't want us to waste our talents due to our fears :)

  4. Congrats! I totally understand. My friend suggested blog world to me last Spring. We were both apprehensive, and I still get a little embarrassed when I share the info with friends and family, BUT what a wonderful outlet this has been with others who have similar interests! Keep up the great work.

    Can't wait to explore more of your blog :)