Thursday, August 5, 2010

french dresser

I knew when I saw this piece that I would love it's eventual-self. I'm sure you can all see what a gorgeous shape it has! I sanded the top a bit to see what was hiding underneath that thick honey stain, and was pleased to find a very pretty grain there. So, I stripped & sanded the top first, then covered it while I got to work painting the rest.In progress- sorry for the white dots showing up in the picture. It almost looks like snow?!
My fabulous & wonderful husband re-assembling it for me! Note to self: LABEL all drawers (top, middle, bottom) and cabinet doors (left, right) next time :) Phew!
All dressed up with her original hardware. All it needed was a little scrub!

I hope you like it!

**If you're stopping by from a linky, would you pretty please take a look at my most recent post... I am in need of some advice regarding a new china cabinet I'd like to paint. Thank you!!!**


  1. I love french dressers and have painted a few myself! It looks beautiful! I really like the top stained!

  2. love the style of this dresser. You did a great job refinishing the top and painting it

  3. Stopping by from Remodelaholic's Anonymous! It came out great! I just did a dresser makeover too! Love the wood/paint combo! We ran into the same problem with not labeling the doors/drawers!

  4. oooo la la! I love it. I'm looking for a similar dresser on Craig's List. Wish me luck!

    Thanks for sharing.