Saturday, August 21, 2010

a successful day!

Today was a great day, despite the rain & the 5:45am wake up call to get ready for our big sale! It was fun to see neighbors we haven't seen in a while (that happens in Atlanta during the summer because it's too hot to play outside!) I was also grateful to see so many friends! That is really the best part of these things, I think.

We said goodbye to a number of pieces and I almost put the brakes on one sale~ I didn't realize how attached I had become to my buffet/hutch until it was being loaded into someone else's car... sob!

Goodbye, buffet & hutch. I am going to miss you. My voice echos in the dining room without you!

Goodbye, china cabinet. Have a wonderful life in east cobb...
Goodbye chairs with 100 coats of poly. I'm glad you live up the street now, where I can visit you if I want to!
Farewell, one Drexel mirror. You're not quite as stunning with only one of you :)
See you soon, fabulous chairs. Again, glad you sold to a friend, who promised to send pictures of her new room!
Hello, vintage restaurant chairs! Am I the only one who loves you?! No takers on these today, but some offers on CL. I have 8 in black and 6 in white. And why, yes, they are a bit wet. Why? Because it only rained about 20 times today during our sale! Pull the furniture back in, take it back out, wait a few minutes, and repeat. Sigh.

So what am I doing now? Relaxing, glass of wine? Nope! Wheeling & Dealing on CL for the remaining items. Including those vintage restaurant chairs...

And this:

It hardly got a glance today, but I've had ELEVEN people contact me about it since I listed it this afternoon. It belonged to a friend of mine who brought some things to sell. I tell you what, I am having trouble keeping up with all the traffic on this sweet dresser! {Updated to add: now I'm up to 13 different people wanting this dresser. ???}

And, this:

A desk with someone's monogram on it. Fairly basic, but this piece is buzzing on craigslist! Why all the attention all of the sudden? (FYI, my husband says it is because I priced them too low!)

This tired momma is ready for bed. Hope you're all having a great weekend!


  1. I hope you get a good night's sleep after all that! It was funny to read how you never see anyone because summer is too hot...where I live I never see anyone in winter because it's too cold! ;)

    That's a lot of stuff you sold! I would have to party with any of it, it's all beautiful!

  2. Your prices must have been really good to get so many offers !! I love craigslist!!