Thursday, August 12, 2010

lucky duck!

When we were on our 'bonus' vacation, my mother-in-law & I went shopping one afternoon at some adorable little shops that we like to visit on Tybee. When we walked into this shop, my eye was immediately drawn to this gorgeous painting. It is oil on canvas, and I had an idea that it was of Little Tybee Island, which is just off Tybee.

I assumed it was out of my price range, so looked around for a while before inquiring about it. Then I couldn't stand it anymore, so I asked. The shop owner hesitated, and told me that the painting was sold to her with the shop when she bought the place from an artist a few months back. She said the price tag on it was $250.
Can you believe the colors?? I love the texture too, but $250 was way out of my out-for-a-little-shopping-trip price range. Then the shop owner started talking again... She said the piece wasn't really consistent with her other offerings, so she would be willing to let it go for... $50.

SERIOUSLY? I couldn't pay her fast enough! It is a 20 X 24 oil on canvas. I LOVE it :) Don't you?

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  1. Kathie,
    Wowo you are one lucky duck! That is such a beautiful painting! and it looks like it fits perfect with you white table! Awesome find and thanks for linking up!

    love your guts