Tuesday, August 31, 2010

L's table

When I arrived home from driving carpool a couple of days ago, I had an Orphan Annie experience.  On my front porch, looking very lonesome, was this table.  With a note taped to the top.  See it?

My friend L had left it for a makeover.  But like any makeover, she had to get cleaned up first!  Boy oh boy, did she.

In bad~blogging fashion, I neglected to take pictures of this piece sanded, and then primed.  I only remembered my camera after the first coat of blue was already on.  What can I say, I was headed to another parent's night at my children's school and I was in a hurry!  But, as those of you who know me personally know, I couldn't let the available painting time pass me by.  I get nervous when I sit still for too long.  So I went for it.

This piece must have been hand-done at some point, as almost every single screw in it is unique.  Some are innies, some are outies, some are flat head, some are phillips head.  Some are stripped out completely & rusted, while others look newer.  This piece had seen some living for sure!  As in the past, the blue is awfully bright before the glaze comes into the picture.  L had seen other pictures on the blog of pieces I've done in this finish, and wanted the same finish for her special piece.
The lighting is awful in these pictures~ I am sorry!  But it is late at night, and I couldn't end the day without bringing this sweet piece inside and showing off her new look.  I hope L loves it as much as I do!
Thanks for visiting!  And, SY, if you're reading this, I had so much fun chatting with you tonight!


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