Saturday, August 28, 2010

today's haul

My 8 year old & I went out for a quick garage sale adventure this morning. We were headed to a particular sale, which actually ended up being a 'storage unit sale'. It was unique! The sale was being held out of a woman's storage unit at her apartment complex! I'd never seen anything like it, but regardless of the venue, the loot was good and we came home with not only some chocolate frosted donuts but also these beauties...

vanity with mirror (not pictured)

matching chest
footboard~ isn't it gorgeous?!? I LOVE beds like this!
and the headboard. Swoon...
I'm excited to get to work on these, but in the meantime I have some other projects to catch up on.

First off, B's beautiful piece that I shared about the other day. I've been staining over the last couple of days to get the rich, dark look that she is going for. I think we're there, although the sunlight reflecting off the top in this first pictures makes it appear lighter than it is!

This last picture is a better indication of the color...
I also finished a fabulous table today. It was actually just fine in it's original state, but I wanted to spice it up a bit. I got so many comments & emails about the turquoise tables (thanks!) that I decided to do a repeat performance.

So, the 'before'... like I said, just fine like it was.

The top with all the stain & finish removed.
Legs painted~ see what I mean about the color looking awfully bright?! Almost neon without the glaze.
Top stained dark walnut. And, yes, I love dark walnut stain. I'll try something else one day. Maybe.
And, finished. The top is still shimmering with the third coat of poly in this picture.

Hope everyone has had a great Saturday!


  1. I love that! Check out my blog I just did a piece of furniture just the opposite, top blue, bottom stained. I love it!

  2. Aw, now, you've done it again. You made something so special, so appealing . . . now I'm going to have to own another of your turquoise tables.