Sunday, August 8, 2010

side table

I found this little gem at the goodwill in sandy springs. I didn't like the finish on it, otherwise I might have been tempted to leave her 'as is'. Isn't she gorgeous? Aside, of course, from all of the dust she is covered in!
Somehow I didn't take any 'in process' pictures, but I stripped & sanded the top... primed the bottom... painted the bottom in Valspar's Cappuccino... reattached the original, cleaned-up hardware... and stained the beautiful top.

I was going to distress it, but couldn't bear to once it was finished :) Have you ever had that happen??


  1. pretty table, I love the stained top and the color you chose to paint it

  2. I LOVE IT!!! Holy crapola that turned out awesome!!


  3. Great job. I know what you mean about distressing a table. Sometimes, it just isn't the right move. I passed up two tables like this at an estate sale this weekend. They wanted $5/each because the top was inlaid with leather. I would have loved them, but that's too rich for my blood.

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  4. I always have that problem too - once i have finished painting and it's looking pretty i can rarely bring myself to distress it! I love the colour you used here :)