Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bonanza... & don't forget the Give-Away!

I was busy this weekend :)

I am sharing some shots here of things I picked up, here & there, in my adventures.  For my birthday, I got to go furniture shopping with one of my dearest friends.  It is so fun to have a friend to shop with!  So without further ado, here is the loot...

Headboard & matching footboard.  Not real veneer, just a faux painted veneer.  But look at those chunky posts!

Crazy rodeo oil painting that my 6 year old son already loves.

Great french-style dresser, I am already thinking about what Cassie did on a similar dresser here.  I love what she did with her piece!
Barrel table with a burled walnut top.  Lingerie chest with gorgeous hardware
Really cool road signs for the basement playroom.

Picture frame thingies that will probably become towel hooks.  
An adorable vanity stool, compliments of my neighbor who has taken to referring to herself as my "scouter" in the thrift stores.  I am eternally grateful!

The top of a china cabinet, who is now waiting for a mate in my garage.

One of these armchairs and five of the side chairs.  LOVE.  I drove all the way to Woodstock to get these from a Craigslist posting.  If only there were 6 more!  They are here to stay for sure.  Thanks, Mom, for riding with me and thanks, Dad, for staying with the kiddos!!  I'm so grateful for parents who will give up their afternoon to help me out & hang with their grandchildren!

I can't even complain about my husband being at a football game all afternoon ~ you'll see why when I post a new project tomorrow :)

This is one of the tables my neighbor found... forgot to get a 'before' so you'll just have to imagine it without the primer.  Think oak, grainy, missing the glass.
Another neighbor find, this is such a cool piece.  I've been wanting to play with a caned piece for a while.  And here it is!

 But, the belle of the ball awaits.  I spent a little too much on this piece, but I've had my eye on pieces just like it for ages, and they have been swiped from me for much more $$ than what this was priced at.  (Sorry to end a sentence with a preposition, but it's late and I'm tired).  So I went for it.  Many many thanks to my wonderful, fabulous, sweet, considerate & generous mother-in-law for my 'birthday check'.  See, Dee, what you got me?!?!
I smile every time I look at it!  In fact, we sold a number of things this weekend, so we actually moved the piece into the dining room 'as is' so that I can stare at it more.  I might just refinish the top & clean the rest of it up, it is in such great shape.

One last thing... I delivered a headboard (post coming) to a wonderful new client & friend yesterday.  She had seen a picture of the headboard on my blog as a 'before' shot that I took right when I got it out of my car.  She wanted it, and she let me know how she wanted it finished.  If you ever see anything here that you would like it have, and you want it finished in a certain way, let me know!!  There are certainly times that I bring something home that is 'staying in the family' (hello chairs & sideboard!) but that is usually not the case.

I'll leave you with a sneak-peek and a glimpse of  one of the many, many reasons that I love my husband so much...
thanks for coming by!!  See my previous post for information about the big Give-Away.  All you have to do to enter the drawing is become a follower of the blog!


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  1. Hi - what a great lot of furniture. I'm starting to do some refinishing myself recently. Love to make something new out of something old. Is the last pic a bench being made out of bed headboard? I've been hanging on to my daughter's old single bed in the hopes of one day turning the headboard into a bench.

  2. Hey Kathie,

    You always have some great things happening over here. I have added you to my blogroll so I can keep up with it! cannot wait to see what you are working on!


  3. LOVE your buffet...but that's probably because mine looks almost exactly like it! It's a keeper!

  4. Great stuff...the bed is awesome!

    love, kelee

  5. Oh my word!!! I am so envious of those amazing finds, particularly the French style dresser. I'm looking for something like that for my dining room. :) Visiting from Rhoda's Thrifty Treasures party. Hope you'll stop by and say hi. :)

  6. Wonderful finds!! What a haul you have with all your treasures. I wish I had more room, but my house is full up with furniture. You've got some great projects there. Thanks for joining up & I see you are from ATL, I grew up in Marietta!

  7. You found so many fabulous things! I love the cowboy picture and the barrel table. But of course I love,love,love your buffet and you'll see why if you visit my post! Congratulations and Happy Birthday!.

  8. Wow! You found some great peices! Love the bed bench you are working on!

  9. Kathie,
    I'm new at blogging and just found your blog. Where do you find all your pieces and where do you store that much furniture? One more question - where do you sell all that furniture? I do this too, but on a smaller scale since I work full time and go to school. Love your blog and will be checking it out more thoroughly for ideas and tips. Thanks for sharing.