Monday, September 27, 2010

A vintage scale & most hilarious ever...

So, first things first... you might notice some changes on the blog.  Things were starting to look really cluttered.  If you know me, you know that I am an efficient, get-it-done kind of person.  However, my brain only operates at full capacity under certain conditions.  A cluttered environment is most definitely not one of those conditions.

Everything that was here before is still here now.  Just look at the tabs on the top of the blog for what you want to see.  Much better!

I was so happy today to get an email from the girls at All Thingz Related.  They featured my white headboard bench today on their 'Favorite Things' post.  Yahoooo!  Thank you!

Ok, someone I know (either personally or in blogland, I cannot remember) has expressed an interest in vintage scales.  When I saw this one at My Favorite Place (the store is actually called that, and it is indeed one of my favorite places) I couldn't pass it up.  If you are the one who collects these, or if you are looking for one, will you let me know?  I paid $16 for it, and I'm happy to pass it along.

Or I'm happy for it to stay in my kitchen since it is fabulous!

A million thanks to everyone for your comments & emails about my last post on 'how to'.  I am confident that it is not complete yet, but it is a start.  My hope is that all of you who are contemplating a project will read it & give it a go :)  As I said, if you need more information or have a question, just comment or send me an email and I'll do my best to share how *I* do it (insert clause about how I'm not an expert here).  Also, you'll find a new 'how to' tab on the top of the blog and all the information I shared in my post yesterday is there.

Now, onto the most hilarious thing ever.  Before I share these pictures, I want to be clear about something... I am in no way/shape/form making fun of the people in this picture... What I am completely tickled about is the frame, the backdrop, the attire, the finish.  So please don't think I'm being ugly ~ I'm not.  But we all need a good laugh every now & then.

My worst nightmare is that someone is going to comment & say "hey... those are my grandparents in that picture!"  Yikes!  But how FUNNY if it is- I think I would find this picture even funnier (in a laughing-with-you kind of way, not a laughing-at-you kind of way) if I knew these people.  So if you know them, and you want the picture, I'll grudgingly part with it.

So, today I was at the Goodwill.  Strolling.  On the wood aisle, I noticed what looked like an actual photograph (as opposed to the paper picture that comes in the frame).  So I went to pick it up.

And I lost it.

I was laughing so hard, all by myself, that I was crying.  You know when you get tickled and just can't stop?

There are so many hilarious things about this that I don't even really know where to start.  So I'll just show you.  Because, yes, I bought it.  For a whopping $1.50, I couldn't possibly leave it there!  And the cashier, the people in line with me & everyone I've seen since has had a good chuckle.

I'm laughing right now, alone at my computer, just looking at this image.  Need a closer look?

Ahhhh... that's better.

What you can't tell from the pictures of the picture is that the background is almost definitely just that- a background.  Like a sheet or something.  They are not really *there* (is it Churchill Downs?  anyone know?)

So, to recap, here are just a few of the reasons I find this so hilarious....
*faux wood
*picture mounted & sanded just to the edges of the ridges in said faux wood
*the backdrop.  really?
*his outfit.  do you think this was taken in the 70's?
*his sideburns.  see above.
*the way she has her elbow up like she doesn't want him to get too close

But then think about it this way...
*the piece has really stood the test of time- no splintering wood or tearing of paper!
*her outfit is actually pretty classic.  with a new hair-do and less hairspray, she could wear that today & look very nice
*well, that's all I can come up with.

Again, I am sure these are LOVELY people and they would be laughing at the picture as much as I have.  Just the way I laugh at pictures taken of me in the 80's... fun memories, but crazy times- what were we thinking?!

So I hope it makes you smile... and if you know these folks, will you let me know?  I have to believe it was an accident that it was given to Goodwill ~ I mean, who gives Goodwill a photograph?

thanks for reading!  I have some fantastic transformations coming this week, so get ready!


  1. AND please find me a scale! I would love one and would happily pay shipping. I live in Fairhope. People are very proud of their junk here, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to find anything that good!

  2. Very funny post! Love the out-dated photo!

  3. I KNEW the first comment would be 'those are my parents/grandparents'. Seriously, I am such a child, because I am STILL laughing :)

  4. You are so cute. I have seen some of those at our Goodwill as well. People just throwing out family pictures with frames. But this one really is a classic. It really is the whole package.

  5. Now I just wish I could find a cool background like that! Would you still use me as your photographer? There must be a market for it somewhere. LOL
    You know I adore old scales. I have three but I have paid way more for all of mine. I need to go shop with you. :)

  6. yep, those are the twin spires at Churchill Downs. Good call!

  7. Ok I just saw the same thing at my Goodwill on Friday and here is what made me laugh. Who gives their stuff to Goodwill with the pics still in the frame. I can just see people going thru a house after someone dies and just tossing stuff in the Goodwill pile. It was probably her daughter in law who gave it up! lol You know the other funny thing... that couple thought they were with it and looking good! :)

  8. awkward family photos .com, check it out

    just sayin'

    or, people of walmart .com

  9. We have the same scale here where I work!! And they still use it sometimes :)