Thursday, September 23, 2010

tetanus ~ keeping it real

So I don't have much to report tonight, mainly due to the fact that I can barely move either arm.  I had a flu shot in one arm & a tetanus shot in the other today.  Joy.

Those of you who are into "this furniture thing" (as my friends fondly refer to my obsession) have probably already had this experience.  I was carting a king-sized headboard out of a Goodwill, and scraped the dickens out of my foot with a rusty old screw on the back of the piece.


The good news is that now I'm up to date on my vaccinations & I even got the combination shot with the pertussis booster.  Yay me.

I do have one furniture upgrade to share.  I rescued a lingerie chest from craigslist a few months ago.  My dear friend W was kind enough to drive with me to claim it, in Dallas Ga.  No offense to anyone who might live in Dallas Ga, I'm sure it's a wonderful place... but it is FAR from Dunwoody.  I think it took us close to an hour, + the few minutes we spent lost.

Anyhow, here is the before & after of that piece (the original lingerie chest, labeled for sale on CL as "storage drawers")...

I'll be the first to admit that it wasn't a very remarkable transformation.  The piece is super sturdy, had plenty of character, but most of all added some great storage for me at the right price.

However, when I came across this a couple of weeks ago, I knew it was time for an upgrade.

Again, not a very remarkable transformation.  I won't even bore you with the details, as you know the drill.  Sand, prime, sand, paint off white, sand, glaze with tobacco.  Reassemble.
But it is perfect for me!

I'm about to crash for the evening with a migraine... vaccines always do that to me, I think it must be the preservatives.  Did you know there is MSG in the flumist?  I have an awful MSG allergy, so that really freaks me out.  They sell MSG at the grocery store too, it's called Accent ~ have you ever seen it?  My husband calls it a 'migraine in a bottle'.

Anyhow, I took these pictures of my garage, and in the interest of keeping it real, thought I would share (although it is probably the medications prompting me to share such awful pictures)!

Just so you can see what it is really like over here at A Few Good Pieces...

If you know me well at all, you know that this is NOT how I operate!!  However, it has gotten out of control this week, with a number of fabulous acquisitions that I have not been able to keep up with.  So there is stuff EVERYWHERE!

At least I know what I'm doing this weekend!

Again, the winner of the Give-Away is Guinevere ~ I don't have any contact information for you, so would you please shoot me an email so that we can jump into the fun of designing your custom magnetic board?  I'm excited about it!

Good night, all


  1. I think your pieces are beautiful!! That's quite an accomplishment. I got the flu shot yesterday and it's packing a little punch this year, eh? Should be fine by tomorrow. THe only place I have ever gotten a tetnus was in the hiney!! man those hurt. Hugs and good work. Tammy

  2. Bless your heart! You need to rest up because you have a lot of work to do~LOL.A lingerie chest is a pretty sought after piece of furniture and yours look great. Don't worry,all of us into "this furniture thing" get out of control from time to time!I am jealous of that garage full of fabulous pieces just waiting for a makeover~

  3. I am so super jealous of all the great pieces you have in the garage.... WHERE do you find all this stuff? I did find a great thrift store last week, where I scored on a few pieces. I've sold my first piece :) It feels amazing! Go check out the console I just redid for my mommy room!

  4. The chest turned out beautiful!! I am sorry that you aren't feeling well, I hope today brings some relief.

    Your space is great, so open and airy and all those wonderful pieces in there!

    Feel better!!