Thursday, September 16, 2010

mirror, mirror

So it seems that I've been collecting mirrors lately.  Everywhere I look, magazines & blogs are showing groupings of mirrors in similar finishes.  So I decided to go for it.

Have you ever tried to take a picture of a mirror?  Or, even better, 6 mirrors all at once?  If you haven't, I'll fill you in.  It's a challenge.  Not only do you have to figure out how to arrange the mirrors, you also have to clean up everything that is going to reflect in the mirror(s).  From every angle.
No easy task, I assure you.  Especially since I am very accomplished at the 'pile' process of housekeeping.  You know, where most of the house is clean, but there are certain places where the piles accumulate?

Anyhow, I digress.  More about the mirrors, which is why you're really reading anyway.

I don't really have any 'before' pictures.  Somehow I missed it, but I do have some 'in process' pictures.  All of these mirrors were oak, very wide grain, honey colored.  Blah.

I started on the edges with the painters tape, then went a little crazy and just taped the whole mirrors.  I really can't explain why~ normally, I would have used butcher paper on the centers.  Maybe the heat got to me.

Here is one that isn't finished yet, but would make a nice addition to this collection.  I picked it up at the Camp Sunshine garage sale down in Decatur this past weekend.  It is in a sad state!  But I love it.  The yellow wrapping on it is holding the pieces together :)  This piece needs some serious rehab before it can see paint.

But isn't it gorgeous?!  Can you tell?

Now on to more of the finished pieces...

I have a special love for this one.  I don't love the reflection of the painting that I removed from the wall in order to take these pictures, though :)  Oops.

I painted them all in a color-match of Heirloom white, did some light sanding and then went over them with a bit of dark walnut stain, and a bit of tobacco RL glaze.  I'm very happy with the result!

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  9. Wonderful mirrors! Are you making a wall of mirrors or using them up the stairwell?

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  10. Your mirror collection is great! I am going on the hunt for mirrors today - I hope I find something as good as yours!

  11. busy, busy, busy! all the mirrors look great! It's a lot of work!
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  13. Fantastic - I just wish I could get my hands on so many gorgeous mirrors. What a great job and photos too!

  14. What a great idea! I find myself drawn to mirrors and have them throughout the house, along with several that have yet to find a home. ;-) I love the idea of painting them and stacking them up like you've done in the picture. I can totally see that in a corner of my living room. What do you plan to do with yours?