Wednesday, September 15, 2010

coffee table

A friend of mine brought over this beautiful coffee table to be refinished & painted.  She brought some sample things from the room to represent the color green she liked.
Here is the table before....

I sanded the top down first ~ no need to strip it, since it had recently had an attempted-refinish :)  It is a great solid piece with lovely lines.

This color made me wince at first... awfully bright!  But I've learned to trust the glaze.  If you start too dark with the color, you'll hardly be able to tell it's a color at all by the time you're done with distressing & glaze.
It may seem silly to have gone to all this trouble to protect the bottom of the table... but this is a family with young children & pets, so I wanted it to look as good from the floor as it does from above!

After the first two coats of stain...
Finishing up glazing (four runs through it) and then five coats of poly with sanding in between each.

I hope she loves her table as much as I do!  Doesn't it look at-home here in my family room?

thanks for visiting!  I love hearing from all of you!


  1. I love the color looks beautiful.

  2. That is so pretty! I love the green and it does go very well in your family room! ;)

  3. It looks fabulous! I love the colors you chose!

    ~Lori @ Paisley Passions
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  4. I absolutely adore this table...and all the pieces I've looked at so far on your blog.
    I could not find a place on your blog where I can click on your pieces for sale and see details, like prices, etc. Am I missing it? I'm not very blog savvy yet... lol