Sunday, September 12, 2010

pretty vanity for a pretty girl

These pieces came home with me a few weeks ago as part of a set... headboard/footboard (already sold, being painted custom for a sweet new customer!), chest and this vanity set.

They have been sitting in my garage waiting on some attention from me since.  However, the other day a friend came by, took one look and decided that she needed it for her daughter's room.  Her daughter happens to be a very dear friend of my younger son, so it is especially sweet to me that this piece will be living in her room!

Here are the befores...


These drawers were a MESS.  I cleaned them with tsp, then wood cleanser.  Then I used a tiny bit of wood conditioner & stain to get them looking pretty again, and sealed them up good.


See the black piece holding the mirror into place?  The originals were lost ~ the woman I bought this from couldn't remember ever having them in her possession.  So, I went on the hunt for new ones.  No easy task, especially since I didn't even know what to call them!  An antique hardware store in Chamblee ended the hunt for me.  I could have spent hours in there looking at (and drooling over!) all of the amazing hardware they had.  And, if you ever need to know, this piece is called a 'mirror key'.

Love it!  And I've just now noticed that the middle drawer on the right side is open a tiny bit in all of these pictures.  Sheesh.  Oh well, no one is perfect, right?

thanks for stopping by!


  1. Turned our beautiful! I love the detail in the front and on the mirror!