Friday, September 24, 2010

Trio of Tables turns out Terrific

I couldn't help it with the title, I am a little loopy.  I finally have more feeling back in my hands and my arm isn't quite as sore, but I am telling you, y'all, that tetanus shot did a number on me!

Two of these tables are compliments of my neighbor/scouter L.  She shows up in my garage every once in a while with a goodie that she spotted somewhere & thinks I can rehabilitate it.  Don't you just love that?!

Here are the 'before' shots, although I didn't get a good before of two out of three.  How?  Why?

And the afters...

They're finished so that they call all go together in a room but we'll see!  I was shocked at how gorgeous all 3 tops were, especially this last one with that beautiful in-lay.  And the round table, with it's burled walnut, is stunning.

Check out this piece that I got today in Gainesville with my MIL & SIL... it is a vintage ceiling tile, mounted on a thin frame.  It got my creative juices flowing...
Good night!  I'm hoping to be 100% again tomorrow.  Have a GREAT weekend!

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  1. I love the one with the cane sides...They're all gorgeous!

  2. They are all lovely!! What great finds:):)

  3. Sooo pretty! I love the combo of the white with the dark stain. Great job! Thanks for stopping by a dash of parsley :)

  4. I love them all but the round one is my fav. It's very unique and you did a wonderful job refinishing it!

  5. All three look great, its so nice to see furniture being refurbished rather than tossed.

  6. The two tables, especially the one with cane sides have great lines that the white really brings out!

  7. wow- these tables are all so uniquely detailed and beautiful! the finish just brings out all that loveliness. thanks for linking them to my party!

  8. Oh, I like all of them! I love the tops with the stain!