Thursday, September 2, 2010

Remember this?

Remember this??

I asked you to guess what you thought it was going to become... I found it at My Favorite Place.  Yes, although it is one of my favorite places, the name of it really is My Favorite Place.  Its a furniture/knick knack store in Chamblee Ga.  Some people call it a Junk Store, but we know better, right?
Tonight, the lamp found its way to my husband's shop.  He's been gone all week, and don't you just know he was itching to do some projects for me :)  I could have done it myself, but I love it when he gets involved.

Now do you know where this is headed?  Doug says this was a moonshine jug.  Fun story, but I'm not so sure.  Any thoughts?  All I know is, it is now my most-favorite-piece!  You'll find it living on the free-to-me piece (thanks, W & J!) that I made over a few months ago, in our front hall.

There are some initials on it.  See?  Hard to read through all the rust!  I took the original can, cleaned it up, gave it a good sand, and then painted it this turquoise color.  Sanded some more, added some RL tobacco glaze, and presto chango!

I am so tickled with it.  I keep walking by, and turning the light on to stare (and then my husband, our energy conscious half, comes behind me & turns it off!)

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  1. Isn't it?!?! I am so giddy about it, thank you :)

  2. Love it!! are my hero! I wish I had even a fraction of your creativity!

  3. LuV it! I hopped over from the Somewhat Simple linky! I would certainly buy into the Moonshine theory:)
    Happy Thursday

  4. Jen, right now I am wishing I could turn my energy off... of course, the fact that my computer is in my lap in the bed might have something to do with the fact that I can't go to sleep :)

  5. Yes, yes...I can imagine how having instant access to interesting things might keep you up and wired! I get that way even when I get on my PC at, right now! ;)

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    ~Allison @ House of Hepworths

  7. Lovin this idea...looks great and that color really rocks!


  8. I have a full sized metal milk can that I'd like to use a stool of sorts...did you say you sanded this? I want to make this look beautiful and charming, but I need help...can I email you the can and see what you think?

  9. shut up right now!! I LOVE this!! I would have never though to take an old milk can and make it into a lamp! You did a fantastic job at executing it too! I just love it! :)

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